Monday, February 22, 2016

Wonderful weekend be like

Short weekend or should I said wonderful weekend are short.
Happy moments are always the shortest.

Continue complete so called "task" set by myself for house duty,
half day to be home alone.
Feeling motivated! :P

Wonderful day with buddy!
They wanted to have a belated birthday celebration with me.
At first I thought is a individual outing with my bro,
thought of changing date due to my family are coming back.
Until he told me I need to be there, must be there and tell me all of his surprise only I realize.
Hahhahaa, how cute.
His effort of wanted to create surprise for me ends up telling me everything.
Smooth traffic! Wohooooo

Busy road.

a letter for my "future-boyfie"..
I'm actually that kind of girl who do varieties of surprise to others,
but it's quiet challenge to make me surprise. 

Not your girlfriend that are easily to please. lol

We meet someone really really looks like JYP during our really early dinner.
And with little awkward english speaking telling us that he's not JYP.
Maybe some privacy for a huge celebrity like him?
It's very very first time for me seeing a Korean famous artist that near and sitting right beside.

Back to my belated birthday celebration,
thanks for the two who can make it at last.
And with weirdo like me,
got them really feel like "face-palm" a lot of time just because of my #YOLO action every time.
Thanks for willing to stand beside weirdo where do things randomly sometimes.

Favourite photo.

They 3 of us plus a cute tarc junior (Ke Xin) doing part time here.

The funny part is where we thought of going for a horror movie,
yeahhh the guys want to see my reaction in watching horror movies.
Ends up, no suitable time and we just ends up with shop for a while and went back.
Just a simple hang out,
but I feel really happy deep inside.
Just some time spent to know that everyone are doing well,
it's pretty enough for me.

And we knew a super cute tarc junior working event for fujifilm for part time!
What an active girl and both of us get in click like suddenly.
She's very good in communicating and interacting with customer.
By just filling up survey form,
we can get free photo.

Thanks for fujifilm as well!
Ke Xin Ke Xin. Cute, active junior!

The guys! And really thanks for Ke Xin's professional photo skill who makes me feel really pretty in these photos. Ahahahaa 

I got total 9 photos for FREE! Thanks to Ke Xin.
Fujifilm new launching product available in yellow, white and blue.

Today is a special day!
Where I get this from my another friend where we're participating in the same event (Talentime Night)

If you happen to be at Pavillion area this weekend,
you'll realize that people especially girls holding pink roses on the street.
Which are very eye catching and even the promoter are eye catching too with sharp pink ceongsam kind of dress.

It's actually an event of Sunsilk where they're having promotion & free goodies for their product.
I love the pink rose so so so much!
They have my favourite smell which is the smell of their pink colour shampoo series.

Smell so romantic,
and I remember my ex use to told me that I smell good every morning in the past. opppss

No joke,
this is my favourite smell throughout all of the shampoos series.

The travel pack which really tap into consumer's heart of their product. Love their efforts.

Pavillion seriously full with surprise!
[The Kid from The Big Apple]
Coming soon on next month!

I'd been noticing this Malaysia production movie,
Their trailer itself are touching and sweet.
It make us feel like "this-is-the-movie-where-we-can't-miss-it"!

They're using not to said creative way but interesting and 
attention grabbing method to promote their movie.
Which I think it's good and best effort of their production team.

Once you scan and follow their wechat account,
you can enjoy free printing of any photo of you for free!
I'm very interested on their movie update,
so it's a YES YESS YESSS from me!

I've no idea why am I so excited for,
but I'm happy.
It's like seeing a lot of interesting way,
understand how the others in promoting their products.
Is the sense of communication and sincerity.

You'll get something like this once you scan their wechat code and insertion of coding for photo printing.

Faith bring me to this lovely daughter of my friend in zumba. For the first time taking photo with her after wanting to take photo with her for long time. She's so cute and very good in taking photos. Stay happy and smile yeahh!

wonderful can be simple yet super interesting as well.
Depends of how your view or perception towards something blessed to have it.

Why don't make your weekend amazing?
Be happy.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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