Monday, April 20, 2015

Clean Food

Nothing can stop me from loving "Broccoli", perfect match with "enokitake".
Best serve with home-cook chicken breast with honey.

Semester break always my best chef time to make more home-cook simple lunch.

It becomes more challenging when my apartment house got abnormal water supply,
which the water couldn't reach powerfully, sometimes even couldn't reach to my house.
Everything need to be in fast and minimize the usage of water.

this couldn't stop me from making more simple food.
It's just another part of me, my passion

the best drink to reduce fats and any other negative elements in our body. 

I got varieties of different flora and fauna to make my own tea, lol.
Each of every flora and fauna bring different functions and goods.
I'm having fun in playing around with putting different flora and fauna in one pot.
The outcomes and taste just unexpected yet brand new experience for my taste-buds.

Another very simple lunch made,
same ingredients but switch with Salmon.
Salmon always my best choice and favourite.
I'll never get enough of fishes *watery-mouth*

I'm just enjoying switching with healthy food ingredients, create own excitement.