Thursday, February 25, 2016

Insecure makes you stronger

Lizard & Frog.
Things that freak me out like every times.

People who knows me,
yeah.. that's my weakness.
Where my insecure come from.

But it suddenly make me think,
on all those incidents or reaction or my decision making on that moment.
When facing a lizard. Yeah, lizard.

It's okay that something make you feel insecure;
or physically unstable or insecurity that alert your brain to activate "self-protecting" system.

At least,
facing something you're fear off,
it's not always a bad things.

It helps in developing your inner strength of react back to the situation.
When something make you feel insecure,
it will automatically make your brain think.
Even thinking of ways to avoid or escape is consider ways of thinking as well.

if the something that you're not afraid of,
or probably something you'd already use to it.
It brings nothing to you,
you might just remain there as it is where your comfort zone are.

is where you have to fight back with what you're afraid of.
It challenge you,
to drag you out or seeking other ways in trying to be in comfortable level,
there's where your inner development starting to function.

this is just what came across my minds.
When there's one day last week that I saw a baby lizard,
like less than 100 centimeter distance away from me..
Yeahhh I spent like 15 minutes more or less,
to overcome what I'm afraid of.
Standing beside my car and shouting but trying hard to calm myself,
ends up I'm the one figuring out ways to at least get the baby lizard out from my car.
That moments is quiet embarrassing as there's people opposite looking on me & my pooh pooh bear weird action shouting and pushing each other to get the lizard out.
It's our very "memorable" memory for that meet up.
It's like a "boom" effect for us.
We'll laugh so so hard whenever we think off or talk about it.

what the progress deliver the message to us.

Win against your fear,
you'll able to find and develop the new side of you.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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