Sunday, February 21, 2016

Home alone

I'd been to vacation for few times,
independently exploring the another side of world my own way.

I'm those type where always family first,
where most of the time I enjoy very much on family reunion, gathering or just a simple time spent.

Melaka having special occasion of CNY prayer of buddhist,
Where this is my very first time to stay home all alone.
Cause working on Saturday where it's not so possible for me to go back to my hometown.

Well, there a lost for me!
You have no idea how much or how badly I wanted to be there,
to experience, to explore, for prayer....
My family members and my Facebook feed are photos of the whole prayers.
It's happening only in Melaka,
Me staying alone in KL city feel nothing.
Thanks God that my parents sending me photos & videos,
like live update where it's another where I feel totally engage and in that mood!

p/s: stay tune for this special CNY occasion only in Melaka.

Nothing bad staying home alone,
it leads me to be more independent and discipline.

Staying home alone,
from watering the plant, washing clothes, feeding the fish, praying everything..
Become my responsibility.
It's kind of fun and where I use to listen and talk to myself more.
I feel surprise and happy at the same time,
when limits that I can make things done by myself successfully.

Make me realize that,
all this while I didn't speak or listen to myself.
It's such a great time for me,
to think, to rest, to peace.

Life are interesting!

staying all alone is like another way of creating your own personal space,
where the outside of the world can't distract you.
To think, to communicate with yourself.
Talk to your heart and know what you really want for.

with the rest of my family members who stay in KL city.
There's another Chinese New Year celebration at my aunt's house.
Where we'll have totally home made dinner and chill time with them!
First time as well,
without my mom, dad or brothers.
The chef. Real chef on cruise you know.

The kitchen.

"Can't wait for the lion dance"

The VIP seat.

Team work get things done in very successful way.

That face.

First time, I see CNY lion's teeth. lol

Home made "lou shang"

Their smile are everything!

Can't wait for the food!


Home made dessert after meal. yumm yummm

Home alone is not a big issue isn't?
It helps in developed the best of you independently with listen to your heart.

How's your home alone day be like?
Tell me yours!
View things in different way.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.


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