Thursday, December 31, 2015

Surrounded by Angels

Time flies,
Counting down for the brand new year of 2016.
Peoples tend to use brand new year to be thankful or make a conclusion for their whole year,
the sincerity is from your heart, 
any moment, it doesn't need to fix any period to post like bunch of touching words.

just be thankful and what I mentioned on my previous post,
appreciate while you have it on the right moment.
You don't need to squeeze your thankful-feeling only in the last day of a year.

2014, is a traveling year for me;
so 2015, consider socializing year for me.

From participate in my favourite college event  (Talentime Night),
where makes my life shines like a star and of course,
connection and indirectly,
my connection, public relation skills, confident etc.
Once a TT human, always a TT human;
TT spirits never die.

Formally joined and have my first Zumba membership in Enrich Dance Studio,
a place where allow me to express my passion and love towards dancing.
It totally change my life, of course, helping me in building nice body. *ekkemm*

I'm a born-to-be performer, stage lover, diva!
This is somehow keep me connected and engage into most of any events regarding on my dancing path.

Of course,
without beautiful angels appear at the right time in my journey,
my passion and desire will be totally unseen.

I'm top one super fans of him.
I'm blessed that have someone like him,
willing to share the stage and teach & believe in what he see in me.

No one ever be that amazing as he did,
his heart, efforts, spirits, choreograph.. everything's just perfect.

Too much sweet words that I'm worry that he might get diabetic, heheee..
just remember that no matter how worse is it.
I'm always here for you.

I don't mind to always be your mini assistance or backup, partner anything to support you.
Wish that we can spend more times together beside than about our passion dancing part,
but as a friend as a family to share and learn and improve in our life. 

p/s: I don't think we have enough photo for me to collect.
heheee please take more photos together in future for memory and life record of how we grow and improve.

Thanks for your wonderful spirit!J

2015 is my final year in studying my Bachelor Degree,
which at the first enter of 2015 I'd already start feeling sad that peoples who I meet in this year,
might the one and the last time that we able came across each other.

I'm super super blessed,
surrounded by love from all of you.
Helping in my career, pointing out my mistakes, treat me like a friend,
travel like a buddy, motivating each other like my competitor etc.

Mr Goh! Random, adventure...
The one inspire me from continue studying in local degrees,
whisper words that inspire me to travel around to experience and understand what's going on the world,
inspire me in choosing my future career,
although you may not know you did happen to inspire me that much.

Chase after my dream, go ahead for what I want so badly in my heart.
From diploma, your teaching and thought changes me a lot, like really a lot.
Be myself, experience myself,
not depending or rely on what the other thought.
The answer is always with me,
the last conversation cause tear in my eyes,
and I finally realize what I'm lacking of.

Always being so random which I think sometimes you're sensitive as well.
We're all human being, talk to somebody else, but not alcohol. hehee..

Please please please please keep in touch,
and I really really really wish to travel and continue learning from you.
Never stop learning, no matter I'm still your student or not.

Ms Tengku Elvirozita, programme head leader that are very flexible and provide space for us to do what we want to do.
Thanks :)

The one who always funny and always call me "mini-hulk".

Beautiful very young tutor that I used to be late to her class, but she motivates me to have that thought and start to change my bad habit of being late.
Glad that she helped me a lots, as a friend. Like really best friend,
correcting my resume, talk about passion, zumba..
I believe that one day we can be in explorer team to experience the world.
Ms Goy, the very very fabulousm hot and cute lecturer a.k.a. tutor.
So blessed that sometime we'll still came across random funny stuff and chat like long lost friend.
Thanks for believing me & let me know that I'm not alone when I'm down.
Always willing to be the one beside me.

Okay, serious one. HAHHAHAAH.. you know me well.
I'm so happy that after 2 years time, you still remember who am I and even remembering my name.
I'm so touch.
So funny and fabulous.
Please keep in touch & don't forget your six packs challenge.

Mr Joseph
Thanks for being patient for problem-student like me.
Your words change me.
Your words as sharp as weapon, but it's definitely fine for me.
I mean, that's how true words are.
I'm always wondering and looking for answer for life.
Thanks for your patiently guide that wake me up,
on what I've been searching for is all in me.
The answer is always there for me,
I should appreciate what I have or existing in me.
Rather than asking around and depending on other thought,
not be be "rojak".
Stand out as what I am.
Thank you very much!
Please do keep in touch & take care.

Angels are everywhere, and I'm blessed to surrounded by them.
Even those who I didn't mentioned here,
deep in heart,
you know who you are.

Stay blessed.
Best of luck.
Happy New Year & be yourself.



Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Appreciate every moment that you spend with any random person.
This might be the first and the last time people "cross connection" and carry on their life as usual.
You will never know when is the next time perhaps the last chance you able to come to the opportunity by meeting someone like that particular person in your life.

No one will be 'always' there,
although they might be the pretty simple things that we use to have them in our life,
and we tends to thought that they will never leave.
Individuals have their own lifestyle and own path to go,
there's always time that they leave for their future,
chase after what they want.

My four years of university college life going to end very soon,
as a Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management student.

Life goes on,
but in different direction, or might be meeting new peoples an living in totally different lifestyle.

Deep in my heart,
I appreciate and miss everything madly after I graduate and entering into the next level of my life.
Hope to hold and pause everything and everyone to be there,
stay where as they use to.
That is, impossible.

really glad and thankful that I'm surrounded by beautiful angels that guide me.
I wish to stay in the memory where all of us are still together,
well, let's look forward and never lose contact.



Monday, April 20, 2015

Clean Food

Nothing can stop me from loving "Broccoli", perfect match with "enokitake".
Best serve with home-cook chicken breast with honey.

Semester break always my best chef time to make more home-cook simple lunch.

It becomes more challenging when my apartment house got abnormal water supply,
which the water couldn't reach powerfully, sometimes even couldn't reach to my house.
Everything need to be in fast and minimize the usage of water.

this couldn't stop me from making more simple food.
It's just another part of me, my passion

the best drink to reduce fats and any other negative elements in our body. 

I got varieties of different flora and fauna to make my own tea, lol.
Each of every flora and fauna bring different functions and goods.
I'm having fun in playing around with putting different flora and fauna in one pot.
The outcomes and taste just unexpected yet brand new experience for my taste-buds.

Another very simple lunch made,
same ingredients but switch with Salmon.
Salmon always my best choice and favourite.
I'll never get enough of fishes *watery-mouth*

I'm just enjoying switching with healthy food ingredients, create own excitement.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3 tips to maintain healthy living way

There's something in my mind recently. 
Imagine one day, your doctor told you that you are in high potential to get disease in young age due to generation genetic , what will you do to minimize it?
To be fit  and healthy? Everyone dream for it!
To reduce chances and risk to get potentially family genetic disease, few tips should be apply to have that kind of  "double protection" and "set-free" in your life circulation.

# 1 - Go for your doctor

Always go for body check-up and be aware about what signal your body trying to alert you.
There's one of the quite shocking info for me that skin allergic partly reflect your digestion system isn't and trying to talk to you with discharge toxic to your skin surface. Seeing skin specialist for long-term doesn't really help that much. 
Well, it's just my personal experience and my body condition.
If there's question in your mind, it means this is the time for you to catch up with your doctor with making appointment for your next body check-up.

# 2 - Understand what to do & not to do
There must be rules shows that to do or not to do.
What you should or shouldn't do, to eat or not to eat particular food might harm the situation.
Dragon-fruit in red are needed for those who have "thalassemia", it will helps to build more red blood cell in your body.
Vitamin B are needed for those who are in stress or always feel stressful.
There's just some of my opinions, always seeks for a doctor opinions.

# 3 - Exercise & healthy lifestyle

As being mentioned in previous post, work out and sweat-off obviously can't separate from our daily life. At least a walk from your office to somewhere far for lunch, even a walk or public transport to outside college area.. Just move and walk!
It would be better when become a morning person and always go for a jog or simple walk for at least 30 minutes for your health! Do it for your health.

And finally.....
not just knowing but more on actions, sustaining healthy life style and make it suit for you and adapt into your daily routine, talk about health concern or even a post in social media could helps in motivating to do more and sustaining. 
Go for your goals and live healthily! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm back

For being deactivate from my lovely blog.
My bad.

Well it has been a month.
The favourite month of mine just flow that fast.
My Birthday, Chinese New Year Celebration, Sick, Assignment etc.

Been searching for the answer,
I'm lost again.

And I'm back to just share my thought and my feeling,
after inspire and questioning myself for times that what did I lost and what make me lost.

Pull me back to my track and develop a new me.
Well, let's just work hard for that and stay possitive.

I believe, there's always a beauty queen and fashionista in every girls.

I'm one of them too,
it is always in me, but I hide in deep in me.
Due to my low self-esteem because of my chubby body.
Yeah admit it, I'm chubby.

But from now on,
I don't want to be like the previous me that only pins like thousands of great photo in P-interest,
but doing nothing in reality life.
This is just not me!

After collecting thousands of style photo by others,
from now on I want to upload a pin that is me in fashion way.

3 steps to keep myself positive and confident to style up :

1  Work out!

I'd subscribe and re-pins really a lot of how people usually work out in simple way, either in English article, Chinese article, Youtube videos, random post and more.

It's time for me to do it, not just reading, having that knowledge but not doing anything.

This is the best effective way to keep me up and confidently stand out for myself and love my body, always be proud of what I'm given and work hard for shape that I dream for!

2Clean food!

A year ago, I always make meals for myself in totally clean and healthy way. I do look slightly smaller in size, but it still ends up back to normal body size due to my not continuous mentally set in my own.

Nothing could stop me even my living area always lack of water supply, that shouldn't be an obstacle to stop me from eating clean, go for what I dream for and maintain it.

I found out that there are also website which offer healthy food delivery or juice delivery. Anything! as long as it can keep me clean and healthy.

3 Dress up confidently!

I have lists of really what I want to wear and my most preferable outfits. I have lots of image of me wearing outfits that I adore.

But for the reality me,
Tees and short either legging always being put on me.
Just to looking good for hiding my chubby fats or to make me leg looks longer, taller and slimmer.

There's a bad way to ignore my weakness and stay in my comfort zone. This is not what I want for!
Kick it out, and change!

I want to be fabulous and confident!

Well, that's all.
Thanks for those who laughing on me, teasing me.
This is where my resolutions of 2015 of my dream body come from!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm sorry Taeyang

Just ordinary me.

Starting from the year of 2010,
ever since my first heard of "Wedding Dress" from Taeyang.

His voice, song nor music style, talents and everything about music,
he's my idol, my target, my aim to be a successful musician like him.
There are still more of him brought out of me,
dream, appreciation, dare to be real and sing!
: (

Huge apologize to Youngbae, and one of my 21 year old goal;
I'm sorry for couldn't make it real,
to participate in the first idol concert stage in my life in my 21 this year. 

As the post mentioned yesterday,
I'm not a rich kids.
I want to own and get everything that I want by myself.

This is why,
for this time I really have to hug myself and sorry to both myself and Taeyang.
As what I planned,
I want the first concert in my life is in Taeyang concert.
Too bad, fail.

Here's my always favourite song of him.
Wedding Dress - Taeyang.
The song that totally change me and I can even feel the emotion that he expressing in this song,
every time when the melody start.

Even his latest "Eyes, Nose, Lips" get awarded as "Best song of the year" in M-countdown in 2014.
Still remembered that I watch live through HyppTV Channel 601, Mnet.
And I shout and break into tears even in front of TV 
just because he finally get that award using his solo singing song.

Sorry Youngbae Oppa.
I'm sorry for couldn't support your concert even you're breathing the same air as me now in Malaysia.

Have a pleasant and safe trip,
I hope I could at least watch your concert again at other place when the right time come.

Typing my blog post and repeating his song,
how pathetic is it!
Mentally collapse and 
I'm just,

Not a rich kid

Not a rich kid,
that's why always hard really hard to achieve what I want it to be.

Just another discipline and habits I want myself to maintain,
blog every day when there's available doesn't matter how tired or how late is it.
That's why I'm late for blog post before 12am.

There are sure things that we feel thankful or something different that we want to remember,
and always being thankful and appreciate for anything that you get.
This is how I feel it through my daily life.
Never fail to smile like a kids to be in their way in appreciating.

Thanks for everything that life bring to me,
I'm blessed and really glad that I made a choice earlier that really help the present me.

For very first time,
out of the blue I'd receive text out of the blue about urgent need for employees for event yesterday.
And that's is how I get my consider first promoter job through agent in my life.
I'm glad that they come for me and everything's cool and great.
I just like it the way they are.

Everyone around me is my lucky star,
bringing positive force and awesome elements to me.

I'm helping Beacon Hospital as their staff in explaining BMI & health package.
It is customize for only ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad employees,
that's why they are having booth in their company.

Thanks for their guide, I'm really familiar like super familiar with the BMI diagram.
Once again thanks to Beacon Hospital for their great job.

I'm proud of myself that although this is the first time for me receiving event like this,
I feel one step closer than my dream for achieving my goals.
At least I try my best as beginning step and really go after it.

Tea break (yummy street burger) and transportation back from office place,
Thanks for Wailuen, my first know collogue manager;
he got that for me and another new know collogue as well.
He is so kind and really friendly,
also willing to teach us and guide us more.
He's gentlemen to sending us back to destinations.
Really have a fun and great time working and spending with him,

Too bad I didn't manage to have photo of all these,
but really wish to work again and again with them. Just great!

achieve your goal by your own effort always the best feeling ever!
Just go after it by reality useful ways does really help.

Something going to be real for the new improvement of me!
Ciao! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another date with Kyrene

Thanks to the bright sun light and we're totally fair!

Feel like I can't leave this young lady out,
I really spend most of my times with her.

Just another simple sister-babe be like dating with her.
In Kuala Lumpur malls area in Bukit Bintang.
We have non-stop conversations and talks to speak and tell each other.

That's why times is like never enough for us to spend with.

And before I end my degree semester 2 holiday break,
this is how I would like it to be remembered.
I'm with her.

Well, feel so so so much better to talk and share my feeling with her.
I'd a bad dream last night that kind of like reflect of my problem and issue at the day time.
I'm trap in problem that not suppose to be a problem,
but I'm stuck.

Feeling much better and way better after sharing with her.
That's why she's my soul-mate for life.

We get stuff we're looking for, in our way.
And we get to like spend and talk heart between us.
Just appreciate that I have her with me.

Manage to spend her the hot chocolate drink that I always want to bring her too,
maybe this time couldn't reach to Mont Kiara.
So I get her at Bukit Bintang area.

Coffee Stain by Joseph, Farenheit 88.

Things are still very lovely over here.
That was great! Love it

Choose a 3D Hot Chocolate (Cat), since my babe love cat more.

Look at that happy lady,
glad she really really love that!

How to post or took photo like an instagramer / mainstreamer?
Well, here's the prove of how.
 Flower, shades, chocolate & wooden table. lol

Weirdo being weird.
Nahhh we just be like how we are, not try to please the other.

Like #wefie with the golden goat? Hhmmm..


Swag back she said.

The last thing,
must do weirdo inside the car #SS (syok sendiri) #wefie

Thanks to her,
I do get great idea and share of how do develop my blog.
My goal is to inspire people.

Wish me luck ! :)