Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm sorry Taeyang

Just ordinary me.

Starting from the year of 2010,
ever since my first heard of "Wedding Dress" from Taeyang.

His voice, song nor music style, talents and everything about music,
he's my idol, my target, my aim to be a successful musician like him.
There are still more of him brought out of me,
dream, appreciation, dare to be real and sing!
: (

Huge apologize to Youngbae, and one of my 21 year old goal;
I'm sorry for couldn't make it real,
to participate in the first idol concert stage in my life in my 21 this year. 

As the post mentioned yesterday,
I'm not a rich kids.
I want to own and get everything that I want by myself.

This is why,
for this time I really have to hug myself and sorry to both myself and Taeyang.
As what I planned,
I want the first concert in my life is in Taeyang concert.
Too bad, fail.

Here's my always favourite song of him.
Wedding Dress - Taeyang.
The song that totally change me and I can even feel the emotion that he expressing in this song,
every time when the melody start.

Even his latest "Eyes, Nose, Lips" get awarded as "Best song of the year" in M-countdown in 2014.
Still remembered that I watch live through HyppTV Channel 601, Mnet.
And I shout and break into tears even in front of TV 
just because he finally get that award using his solo singing song.

Sorry Youngbae Oppa.
I'm sorry for couldn't support your concert even you're breathing the same air as me now in Malaysia.

Have a pleasant and safe trip,
I hope I could at least watch your concert again at other place when the right time come.

Typing my blog post and repeating his song,
how pathetic is it!
Mentally collapse and 
I'm just,

Not a rich kid

Not a rich kid,
that's why always hard really hard to achieve what I want it to be.

Just another discipline and habits I want myself to maintain,
blog every day when there's available doesn't matter how tired or how late is it.
That's why I'm late for blog post before 12am.

There are sure things that we feel thankful or something different that we want to remember,
and always being thankful and appreciate for anything that you get.
This is how I feel it through my daily life.
Never fail to smile like a kids to be in their way in appreciating.

Thanks for everything that life bring to me,
I'm blessed and really glad that I made a choice earlier that really help the present me.

For very first time,
out of the blue I'd receive text out of the blue about urgent need for employees for event yesterday.
And that's is how I get my consider first promoter job through agent in my life.
I'm glad that they come for me and everything's cool and great.
I just like it the way they are.

Everyone around me is my lucky star,
bringing positive force and awesome elements to me.

I'm helping Beacon Hospital as their staff in explaining BMI & health package.
It is customize for only ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad employees,
that's why they are having booth in their company.

Thanks for their guide, I'm really familiar like super familiar with the BMI diagram.
Once again thanks to Beacon Hospital for their great job.

I'm proud of myself that although this is the first time for me receiving event like this,
I feel one step closer than my dream for achieving my goals.
At least I try my best as beginning step and really go after it.

Tea break (yummy street burger) and transportation back from office place,
Thanks for Wailuen, my first know collogue manager;
he got that for me and another new know collogue as well.
He is so kind and really friendly,
also willing to teach us and guide us more.
He's gentlemen to sending us back to destinations.
Really have a fun and great time working and spending with him,

Too bad I didn't manage to have photo of all these,
but really wish to work again and again with them. Just great!

achieve your goal by your own effort always the best feeling ever!
Just go after it by reality useful ways does really help.

Something going to be real for the new improvement of me!
Ciao! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another date with Kyrene

Thanks to the bright sun light and we're totally fair!

Feel like I can't leave this young lady out,
I really spend most of my times with her.

Just another simple sister-babe be like dating with her.
In Kuala Lumpur malls area in Bukit Bintang.
We have non-stop conversations and talks to speak and tell each other.

That's why times is like never enough for us to spend with.

And before I end my degree semester 2 holiday break,
this is how I would like it to be remembered.
I'm with her.

Well, feel so so so much better to talk and share my feeling with her.
I'd a bad dream last night that kind of like reflect of my problem and issue at the day time.
I'm trap in problem that not suppose to be a problem,
but I'm stuck.

Feeling much better and way better after sharing with her.
That's why she's my soul-mate for life.

We get stuff we're looking for, in our way.
And we get to like spend and talk heart between us.
Just appreciate that I have her with me.

Manage to spend her the hot chocolate drink that I always want to bring her too,
maybe this time couldn't reach to Mont Kiara.
So I get her at Bukit Bintang area.

Coffee Stain by Joseph, Farenheit 88.

Things are still very lovely over here.
That was great! Love it

Choose a 3D Hot Chocolate (Cat), since my babe love cat more.

Look at that happy lady,
glad she really really love that!

How to post or took photo like an instagramer / mainstreamer?
Well, here's the prove of how.
 Flower, shades, chocolate & wooden table. lol

Weirdo being weird.
Nahhh we just be like how we are, not try to please the other.

Like #wefie with the golden goat? Hhmmm..


Swag back she said.

The last thing,
must do weirdo inside the car #SS (syok sendiri) #wefie

Thanks to her,
I do get great idea and share of how do develop my blog.
My goal is to inspire people.

Wish me luck ! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I miss that moment, and want to always be happy as that moment.
Huggie from Cookie Monster, my favourite one from sesame street.

Today is Feb 2, 2015.
Also what Chinese people call as "立春日" (Li Chun Re),
it means beginning of the spring.

Anything happen in today would reflect the whole year,
so people are encourage to speak good words, do the good things especially save up money

They even have a interesting way and timetable for people born in different year for the best time,
to save their money in bank. How cute.

Another reason that I like Chinese traditional season,
the main thing is the message hidden behind.
Not really that follow blindly without truly understand what happen behind or brought off.

Like this "Beginning of the Spring",
it remind us and as a guide line for not only Chinese but those who feel like following.

It's all about doing good stuff all the times, saying good words whenever you're.
Not be forgotten, to save more money in your bank so that you'll have that saving habit.
It's awesome and very meaningful doesn't it?

I just love the meaning spread to.

Just be happy and positive all the times,
always think of those precious moment that you smile a lot and feel happy.


Who am I?


然而答案却好像 都没答案


是不是跳出自己的所谓 “舒服区” (comfort zone)就等于迷失自己?
答案或许我 知道,


或许因为这样让自己有点迷失原本那在 “舒服区” (comfort zone) 的自己了。

我这时候的决定 算迟吗?

把时间分一些来完成我自己认为应该 懂得去做的事情,
为未来打稳基础.. 为人脉去维持认为会延续善好的社交..

你今天开心吗? 你喜欢这样的生活方式吗?



所以一旦开始实行了便停不下来 直到完全完成为止。
我承认 我有少许强迫症

但如果自己无法完成 便会连睡觉也想着怎么把那些事情做好,
根本不用入睡  隔天起床已浪费了半天,


让那些被我列为该去完成的事情都得 等等等。


不是短时间一年,两年的时间 轻易达成。

用适当的方式 在对的时间 把事情达成

" C'est la vie"


my first Chinese blog post.
What I really feel right now.
All the best! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hang out with Kyrene, my babe!

It had been quiet sometimes after the last hang out with my babe,

My ballet soul-mate, my baby.

It's just a simple hang out with her,
non stop talking and laughing all the time.
Talk about life, family, friends just everything.

We are used to each other way and feel totally fun and comfy to be together,
we're like sister, weirdo, just random human beings on the earth.

We share our drinks together, spend each other;
We even have like totally same thought and same fashion sense & style!
It was just amazing and we can totally get what each other means even without words.

I really really miss to get these moment with someone who understand each other and share similar thought and language.
I want someone that we can totally feel each other.

There's no one beside her. 

I'm very lucky when I'm with her,
or I should say we both are lucky when we're together.
Try to look for this parking lot and you'll know how lucky we are.
We're like cursing others rude driver,law breaker driver or impatient driver,
Like why people get the nice parking and we still like looking around.
And suddenly tadaaa!
The perfect parking for both of us young lady to park just beside the entrance.

We have the same idea of lunch choice after we shop around in Sunway Pyramid,
Awwww, this is great.

We went to Asian Avenue and walk around for place we feel like go in and get our lunch.
And, we stoped at the "MyeongDong Topokki".
They have like set lunch including side dishes, green tea, and main dishes.

(Cheese Ramyun) - RM 14.80

 (Bulgogi Chicken Deopbap) - RM 13.80

The happy girl, Kyrene. 

Continue shop around after lunch.
Well, it had been years for me to visit Sunway Pyramid again.
But I like this place.
A lot of awesome stuff and my wishlist cafe around, ohmygod.

#tsumtsum game in the house! 

I wish to get them all, especially the Olaf one, ohmygodddd.

There's another unique store like everything inside is awesome.
The important part is, there are all made in Malaysia.
Malaysian product.
Proud of it man!

I love this store! 
Everything inside was amazing and unique.
You can't get it from outside.
Perfect place to get present for someone.

I love Coffee Bean. 
Local supporter and big fans of Coffee Bean.
I wish there's one nearby my housing area, I'll definitely become their VVIP. lol

Get myself a hot hazelnut and hot dark chocolate for Kyrene.
It was good and more better in price compare to Starbucks. oppsss..

I'm so happy that I could spend my precious time with her,
well love should be spread by actions not words.

Also, I completed 2 of my wishlist to get shoe and ripped jeans.

We end it with our lovely photos!

 PEACE :) !

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's February baby!

Time really flies.
Without realize, it 's February of 2015!

When I'm still planning for my goals,
it takes me really sometimes to make everything better and better,

February, my favourite lucky month.
Love it !
It's gonna be great and awesome,
goods are coming all on their way to me :)

Countdown for 18 days,
and yeah I'm going to turn into officially 21.

The exciting moment in my life,
I mean for me myself for a jump level to make dreams come true.

No longer honeymoon,
No more cry baby or rely on others.

Go after my dream,
make things I want to become real and happen in reality life.

Life shits just doesn't stop me anyway.

Can't wait for tomorrow dating with someone special to me !