Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My #FabulousZumbaDiva weekend be like

I always enjoy my weekend precious moments,
it make me feel alive and totally refresh for the coming of "Monday"...
So NO to Monday blue..

I miss this cute boy, Iskandar.
He's so cute and daring to dance on stage in front of public in his age of 5 years old.
So adorable!

Okayy ignore my face,
but happiness shown on my face pretty obvious huh?

Ma girls and ZIN Angel.
Yesss, her name is Angel and she's really like Angel from God to me,
Her beautiful sharings and carings make her stand even stronger and unique than the others.

Flying kisses from us!

After zumba, sweat yet fun & hyper!

The whole team and crew.
Thanks for every opportunities given, hope to see everyone in real soon!

When we try to go for free style, hahahhaa..

Kpop girl group?
We're Malaysia girl group!

Funny face moment.

Ma girls reaction are totally priceless in this video!
Nothing can describe how priority are them in my heart,
actions and sincerity speaks for all.

I'm sure there's definitely endless next "big project" for us!
I'm so excited,
life are so alive ever since I met them, my priority <3

I even spot me and ma girls being posted on famous blogger's instagram!
I was so so excited, thank you Nana!
p/s: it's okay if she didn't even know me, but feeling really thankful and blessed.

Stay tune for more!
Don't forget to smile and be happy!

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Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Motivated or Demotivated?

I miss my blog very very much.
A place where I can share my thoughts and love,
a place where I grow and remind me on how blessed I am.

An ordinary growing young lady who at the beginning stage of her life after graduated.
Full time Tourism Industry Operation Officer, and freelance Zumba Instructor;
of course, a blogger, video editor, choreographer....
Now only I realize that I have quite a few of occupation in my life.
No doubt, I'm totally proud of it.

My life never get boring, and I'm so blessed with it.
Where my heart and passion lead me to.

It's from your heart, 
to make a decision weather to be a motivated of demotivated human being.
But back to the basic,
look for something you're really into it and 
would spark no matter worse peoples nasty feedback about it.

is something you will work hard for it without feeling any second of tired.
It had become part of you and grow along in you together.
Passion and love.

where you doesn't feel like doing anything like what you're currently doing..
You feel boring, meaningless or even not being appreciate any sort of negativity..

You can choose to follow the nomad trend and go along the flows where what the others are command doing right now;
to stand strong and be unique style of you 
(not copying others and bad negative vibes for pulling others down for your own success, then you're a failure).

It's okay to feel demotivated for a short time of period,
but remember to get back on track once you're done with few resting days of being demotivated.
Who doesn't have that "demotivated" season, right?
Just don't destroy or create any unnecessary harmful things to yourself and others,
create a lovely and peaceful world.

No war, no negativity.
Living happily ever after.

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Appreciate, Stay Blessed.