Thursday, December 31, 2015

Surrounded by Angels

Time flies,
Counting down for the brand new year of 2016.
Peoples tend to use brand new year to be thankful or make a conclusion for their whole year,
the sincerity is from your heart, 
any moment, it doesn't need to fix any period to post like bunch of touching words.

just be thankful and what I mentioned on my previous post,
appreciate while you have it on the right moment.
You don't need to squeeze your thankful-feeling only in the last day of a year.

2014, is a traveling year for me;
so 2015, consider socializing year for me.

From participate in my favourite college event  (Talentime Night),
where makes my life shines like a star and of course,
connection and indirectly,
my connection, public relation skills, confident etc.
Once a TT human, always a TT human;
TT spirits never die.

Formally joined and have my first Zumba membership in Enrich Dance Studio,
a place where allow me to express my passion and love towards dancing.
It totally change my life, of course, helping me in building nice body. *ekkemm*

I'm a born-to-be performer, stage lover, diva!
This is somehow keep me connected and engage into most of any events regarding on my dancing path.

Of course,
without beautiful angels appear at the right time in my journey,
my passion and desire will be totally unseen.

I'm top one super fans of him.
I'm blessed that have someone like him,
willing to share the stage and teach & believe in what he see in me.

No one ever be that amazing as he did,
his heart, efforts, spirits, choreograph.. everything's just perfect.

Too much sweet words that I'm worry that he might get diabetic, heheee..
just remember that no matter how worse is it.
I'm always here for you.

I don't mind to always be your mini assistance or backup, partner anything to support you.
Wish that we can spend more times together beside than about our passion dancing part,
but as a friend as a family to share and learn and improve in our life. 

p/s: I don't think we have enough photo for me to collect.
heheee please take more photos together in future for memory and life record of how we grow and improve.

Thanks for your wonderful spirit!J

2015 is my final year in studying my Bachelor Degree,
which at the first enter of 2015 I'd already start feeling sad that peoples who I meet in this year,
might the one and the last time that we able came across each other.

I'm super super blessed,
surrounded by love from all of you.
Helping in my career, pointing out my mistakes, treat me like a friend,
travel like a buddy, motivating each other like my competitor etc.

Mr Goh! Random, adventure...
The one inspire me from continue studying in local degrees,
whisper words that inspire me to travel around to experience and understand what's going on the world,
inspire me in choosing my future career,
although you may not know you did happen to inspire me that much.

Chase after my dream, go ahead for what I want so badly in my heart.
From diploma, your teaching and thought changes me a lot, like really a lot.
Be myself, experience myself,
not depending or rely on what the other thought.
The answer is always with me,
the last conversation cause tear in my eyes,
and I finally realize what I'm lacking of.

Always being so random which I think sometimes you're sensitive as well.
We're all human being, talk to somebody else, but not alcohol. hehee..

Please please please please keep in touch,
and I really really really wish to travel and continue learning from you.
Never stop learning, no matter I'm still your student or not.

Ms Tengku Elvirozita, programme head leader that are very flexible and provide space for us to do what we want to do.
Thanks :)

The one who always funny and always call me "mini-hulk".

Beautiful very young tutor that I used to be late to her class, but she motivates me to have that thought and start to change my bad habit of being late.
Glad that she helped me a lots, as a friend. Like really best friend,
correcting my resume, talk about passion, zumba..
I believe that one day we can be in explorer team to experience the world.
Ms Goy, the very very fabulousm hot and cute lecturer a.k.a. tutor.
So blessed that sometime we'll still came across random funny stuff and chat like long lost friend.
Thanks for believing me & let me know that I'm not alone when I'm down.
Always willing to be the one beside me.

Okay, serious one. HAHHAHAAH.. you know me well.
I'm so happy that after 2 years time, you still remember who am I and even remembering my name.
I'm so touch.
So funny and fabulous.
Please keep in touch & don't forget your six packs challenge.

Mr Joseph
Thanks for being patient for problem-student like me.
Your words change me.
Your words as sharp as weapon, but it's definitely fine for me.
I mean, that's how true words are.
I'm always wondering and looking for answer for life.
Thanks for your patiently guide that wake me up,
on what I've been searching for is all in me.
The answer is always there for me,
I should appreciate what I have or existing in me.
Rather than asking around and depending on other thought,
not be be "rojak".
Stand out as what I am.
Thank you very much!
Please do keep in touch & take care.

Angels are everywhere, and I'm blessed to surrounded by them.
Even those who I didn't mentioned here,
deep in heart,
you know who you are.

Stay blessed.
Best of luck.
Happy New Year & be yourself.



Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Appreciate every moment that you spend with any random person.
This might be the first and the last time people "cross connection" and carry on their life as usual.
You will never know when is the next time perhaps the last chance you able to come to the opportunity by meeting someone like that particular person in your life.

No one will be 'always' there,
although they might be the pretty simple things that we use to have them in our life,
and we tends to thought that they will never leave.
Individuals have their own lifestyle and own path to go,
there's always time that they leave for their future,
chase after what they want.

My four years of university college life going to end very soon,
as a Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management student.

Life goes on,
but in different direction, or might be meeting new peoples an living in totally different lifestyle.

Deep in my heart,
I appreciate and miss everything madly after I graduate and entering into the next level of my life.
Hope to hold and pause everything and everyone to be there,
stay where as they use to.
That is, impossible.

really glad and thankful that I'm surrounded by beautiful angels that guide me.
I wish to stay in the memory where all of us are still together,
well, let's look forward and never lose contact.