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Teddy Bear Cafe (TBC) | Hatten Square, Melaka

I cannot! It's too adorable :P
It's valentine day!
Well, there's no any specific date or occasion to celebrate if you're blessed and sincerely appreciate loves around you every day.
I'm so blessed that I can sit down here and share what I get day by day from my beloved one.
Love are everywhere if you're aware and follow your heart.

我说 珍惜 感恩 与 直视在你身边的 才是最最实际的情人节。

我总爱繁体字,尤其是他们的 "“这字,
那所谓的情人节 其实大伙儿天天都在过。
惜 福


Just another sharing of my experience of this cute cafe in Hatten Square, Melaka.
This is another way of spreading love perhaps? oppsss

我说,或许用心分享也是另一种的表现? 嘻嘻嘻
这家泰迪熊咖啡厅 位于马六甲 Hatten Square里。

Eye catching area when I passed by few days before I visit their cafe,
and here's where my intention to explore and try out their cafe f&b came from.
Good marketing strategic tho.

让我起了念头在这新春佳节时期 必定要光临的一家咖啡厅。
The main view when you're standing outside of the entrance to TBC cafe.

My first visit is just a "photo visit". haaaaaaaa.. weird face

They put efforts and notice in small subject where everything are with Teddy.
Event their table decorations or table number plate.

把每一个小细节 都放心思与泰迪熊有关。

The counter, where you gonna order there before you grab your seat.

It's full of Chinese New Year decoration where make us feel so into that CNY mood.

有种中西合拼的感觉 很有趣。

也在入口处换上可爱泰迪熊版的财神爷 与人拜年。
Even my "boyfie" dressing up in Chinese Traditional costume, the one giving out money in Chinese cultural.
p's : follow my instagram & you'll know he's my answer for my CNY question asked by others. heheee..

They are having the Chinese-must-have-food : LouShang as their seasonal dishes.
男生们 你们的机会来了!
加上情人节时期,哪个女生不被感动呢? 嘻嘻嘻

You can see their advertisement everywhere once you enter to their basement parking,
quiet eye-catching & cuteeeee!

Look at my little brother having fun taking photo with my 'boyfie'. heeeyyy..


The view once you step in to the entrance.

Every corner you will see teddy bear everywhere.

Teddy teddy everywhere.

Eat Drink and BE HAPPY!
nice one.

Panorama view 1. 

Panarama view 2.

The view of the counter where you order.

Some teddy cookies or gift perhaps?

Lucky Bear Lucky Bear waiting for you!

The counter/

Spot that "tripadvisor" sticker.

Mr Bean's bear grow taller and bigger. lols.

Food and beverage.

The 3 way to order your food.
Their TBC logo are everywhere with the logo of Teddy!


View from my seat, where I choose to sit at the corner of their cafe.

Mommy doesn't like teddy.haahahhaa..
But she brought me here,
I'm always blessed and thankiuuu mom! :P

Creative customer D.I.Y. hhmmmm..

Pity teddy, look at her leg.
公主抱 脚破的可怜泰迪熊。

Girls be like.

Normally their will draw their daily special in the blank space where I paste my link,
I guess they sold out their specialty that day that's why they rubbed it off their drawing.

Love wishes. 爱的祝福

How sweet. heheee..

The sweet couple vs forever alone teddy. HAHHAHAHAA

Finally! my supper for that day. hahhahhaa

Look at the face of Teddy! hahahahahaa

Some Teddy's good. Limited Edition some more.
So cute!
I like the bag. So user friendly and stylish.

The CNY teddy bears.

Cuteness overload, surrounded by teddies? heheeee

You'll stand a chance to win the 160cm lucky bear home with spending of RM 30.
Every girls dream.

Photo from my action camera : Xiao Yi
Wide screen view of the whole Teddie Bear Cafe. Enjoy!

Love the Malaysian dialect on the wall.
What we use to said normally in Malaysia. Heheheee..
Random a.k.a Rojak words.

The cakes left so little. Cause it taste really good.

My supermom always our photographer whenever we visit to somewhere new.
I'm blessed.
And my mom are good, besides than shaky hand sometimes. HAHAHAHAHA oppss..

Atmosphere: J|
Location: J|
Food / Beverage:J|
Price: J|
Service Quality: J|
The interior everything are close to the main theme or their core resources as Teddie Bear Cafe where you can see Teddies everywhere every corner. Just one little thing, where some teddy might be little dusty or little damage, it would be good if there are needed cleaning process or fixing the damaging part of the teddies. Cause teddies is where most of the customer come for, I guess? Teddies representing image of your business or cafe. Make it clean and no barriers for some consumers that might have sensitive nose or skin. Well, just a friendly suggestion for better service quality provided in this industry. 
It's a pretty good strategic in grabbing attention of using really cute teddies bear, everyone love something nice and cute! From the young to the elderly. Location itself are good and convenience where people can chill after their shopping or before they leave, cause it's just nearby one of the parking entrance located at level 3.
Food and beverage are good, I love the rainbow cake that are really make people feel good and fun!
By looking at the colourful cakes itself make people feel cheerful and happy.
Hope to try out their main course next visit.The staff are generally good, it would be better if they do have something more to get closer to all of their guests. Just an engagement or involvement between guests and staffs for coming back again for the cafe.
Overall, the idea and concept are good and cute. Keep it up! 
I love the efforts and details to make people feel like going back to our childhood times.

室内满满的泰迪熊是这家咖啡厅主要的卖点,很简单的表达出这家的主题,小小细节以及每一角落都有泰迪熊的出没。只是有些泰迪熊或许会有些让人鼻子不断打喷嚏 或附在表面毛发上的小小灰尘,工作人员定时打理会更佳,那就可以避免家长们说的”熊熊有灰尘不要碰“之类之类让孩子们扫兴的情况;加上有些已破洞的熊熊也希望能够修补回。泰迪熊雄可是这家店的卖点哦!所以这只是我的温馨提点,希望能让更多人开心享用。

Teddie Bear Cafe (TBC)
Level 3, Terminal Pahlawan (Hatten Square)
Contact : 06-281 9423

Operating hours :10am - 10pm

Facebook Page :-
*check out their Facebook page for more upcoming events & interesting updates.

Can't help it! Too cute.


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