Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sharing is happiness

Sharing is care;
sharing is love.

That's the reason and motive that I'm blogging right now.
To spread the love and some ordinary thoughts from me or based one my experiences.
That's the best part of making blogging as part of my positive practises.

An attitude, a perspective.

As a intern-ship students,
or what the other called as "trainee".

It's all about learning,
and of course I don't wish to lost a chance of record experiences and learning outcomes of my career in related field.
A Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management student.
For my juniors or any trainees out there,
hope my post could cheer up everyone even just a little to be prepare and enjoy moments as a trainee.
Which you may not get another chance as a trainee any more in your life times.

I had come out with "5 motives to keep you on truck as an intern-ship trainee."

Believe in what you foreseen previously, as your dream career goal or image of you working in future. Work for who you want to be, and everything start from the basic. Bring out the best in you and this is the time for you to show your love towards this industry, time for you to contribute and participate yourself in your career dream. Peace love xoxo.

Stay inspire. Read more, know how others do en route in the journey of people doing pretty good on their career path. Don't forget how hard you work for to be in part of this industry, what you study and interest helps to keep you motivated and stay alive in your career.

Adapt into situation, especially when you're new to intern-ship working environment. Be fast and physically practically catch up in learning or adaptable in company or organization cultural. Flexible with right decision made. 

Of course, here's what connection and communication comes in. To be part of the member of organization even you're just a trainees. Nothing are wasted in your life, just the way how much you get from the entire process. Networking build up from where you engage to others, socializing and positive networking.

Aware of latest information and update about your related field or industry. Alert on task given that you will never know but to helps in faster the progress in being part of your industry. Alert on fast changing factors that effecting the industry impact.

“Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. Most importantly, sharing is happiness. Have a positive attitude and believe in what you are doing!”

p/s: the words are little blur. Happen to read this article this morning and I really love it.
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