Sunday, September 4, 2016

My instructor journey

Chansada Sonesing & Yoi ReyesSanchez

My main inspiration of becoming a instructor.
It doesn't matters any fitness program,
we're all as one.
Share the same love, passion and peace.

Their love and care that really made me who I am today.
Never thought that I'll be teaching or even becoming an instructor one day.
Well, as life goes on.. beautiful angels around me protected and lead me to the journey where my heart belongs to.

My weekends at the month of September are almost packed and of course,
the best moment in my life.
Where I learn, improve etc., a new "transforming" period for me.

From the first time I met her, I know from my heart that this girl gonna be in this big family one day, her love and passion is in her blood.Thank you baby girl who always there for everything with cares and love. I knew it it's in your blood and great to see how strong your love and passion are. Never ever allow or let the other to take away all these beautiful things in you, just be yourself, and people will comes after you.

She's a really good instructor, I know her before she become a zumba instructor. She's someone with passion, very talented beautiful young lady who share love with everyone. And now, she's here for UJAM instructor, I can't wait to see her in future! Sometimes, things will come in the way they are, the only things is let it be and it will come anyhow. 

 Leave no man behind.
Here's all my UJAM and Zumba family photos, can't wait for more! 

Unity, Peace & Love.

❥♒ ♔ ░ ♥
Appreciate, Stay Blessed.