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#MAYEXPLORATION "Ong Ya Gong" 13th day of CNY festive (2016) | Melaka

Last weekend.
The 13th day of Chinese New Year in lunar calendar,
it usually doesn't impact much for others besides Melaka resident.

This local Chinese New Year festive not the usual one where we used to know.
Perhaps we doesn't even know the existence of this local events.

Believe me,
after this post.
You probably add some values and local-friendly ideas in you towards Melaka.

The name of "Ong Ya Gong" is actually from the words of Hokkien,
in the meaning of imperial prince of God.
Where every year Melakian (especially those staying slightly away from the Melaka city) would definitely celebrate this festive using the local style local way!
With huge impact, grand parade event in Melaka.

Let's jump in!
Happy kid that can't wait for the festive to start,
especially with really a lot of lion dance that you hardly get in KL city area.

This is the first station of the festive,
where this "Ong Ya Gong" festive is where people carrying the "Kiuu" station to station,
where the station can be temple or houses that preparing stuff for praying and waiting for the visitation of God as the symbol of good luck and blessing for the whole family.

Source from google.

Oh, for the "Kiuu" is actually "transportation" of ancient time,
like the one they use for carry the bridge in the past time,
just that to carry God one gonna be open-air. Lol
They call it "bridal sedan chair" in english,
where need different people from different stations to pass and carry "Kiuu" and go around their station till the next station.

It's very heavy cause it makes from real quality kind of wood,
that's why usually in movie we'll see like four pax carrying,
but not in reality.
In gonna be a lot of manpower to carry, somehow it depends as well.
Perhaps young man could have 4 to carry the whole "chair".

And there's locals believe that,
if you shake the "Kiuu" harder and the God will feel more happy!

Notice the guy wearing white with orange colour kind of "whip",
it believe to chase away the devils or any other bad things away.
In another way,
to announce that the God is coming!
A symbol of "clear the way" for the God.
Before they enter. The man in white praying and "clear the way" for God.

The men will enter after the road are "clear".

Peoples usually prepare a lot to pray and sort of goods giving to the God,

Once they enter & go around that area, the chair will be place above a wooden bench.

Peoples are happy and so so crowded!


Place where they place the Gods chair while open for public to pray or waiting for visitation next station.

Praying for goods.

So nice they decorate it, simple.

I love the expression of the grandma in this photo. So natural & lovely!


Know the reason why that I love this festive so much?

On the way moving to the next stations.

So the visitation goes on for the whole day,
it depends either for people to follow the whole routing of visitation or prepare & wait at their home.
For those who are preparing and waiting for the arrival of Ong Ya Gong God.

It's a halal. Trust me!
Cause it's a chocolate cake.
A mini piggie chocolate cake so cute!

Without flash, the chocolate smell really strong!

My uncle house, which is our HOWE's family representative every year almost the evening visitation part where the waiting for the Ong Ya Gong to be there for blessing.

So attractive where they actually add on LED lights when the night are getting closer.

Bring into our home and shake as possible as the can for blessing and good luck for the whole year!

On the way to the final station before heading back to the temple.

Everyone walk there or take their motorbike there.

The view at evening of the place or "parking" area for the God's sandal chair. Heheee

Long long long table!
It's always so interesting for this family after us!

The last station from morning to evening, before they back to the temple of Ong Ya Gong.

Return back to the temple.

Traditional entertainment of Chinese tradition cultural.

There's lucky number here from the God, if you got it, you're lucky!

That's it for this post!
Stay tuned for my video of this Ong Ya Gong festival,
where they actually have something different surprise for us every year.

My love little one.
The cute newphew that always miss me!
He called me using my mom phone and said
 "May May Ayi (Aunt in Chinese), why are you not here? I miss you so much!"
"When are you coming back again?"
"Are you coming back? Can you let me know when the next time you're back?"
"I miss you so so so much!"
He's so so sweeeet!
Make my day.

*lum sei me*
(Sweet die me)
Direct translate from Chinese. hehheee..

Top pro poser be like!

Look at his cute face! ;)
hahahh with my second brother.

Sweet face shown when he's on the line with me.

Sweet faceeee.. too lovely!

Just to share what I experience or norm for some of us,
or some part of our cultural of how we live in this atmosphere!
Hope it finds you well & awareness of Melaka, my hometown.
The most beautiful city.


Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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