Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Chinese New Year Celebration 春节庆典

Melaka, my home!
The place that I born;
place that bring me luck and create peace in me.

Everything is in my blood.
Forever Melakian.

Although I grow up at Kuala Lumpur city area,
but Melaka is in my soul, my spirit, my heart.

The beauty of combination of cultural and heritage,
it starts from home.

Where I belong,
where from every inch of my journey.
I can feel the spirit where the joyful of human sense and relationship.

There's where the love begin.
My family.

We love to take photo so so much in any occasion and updates from each others.

Hang out and always have fun,
where we came across to book 20 pax in a small hall of cinema for Ola-Bola movie.
This is fun!

Kids are smarttttttt and active!
Creative as well.

Evidence of us love to capture memories.

Talk about food, peoples or any random recent updated topics.
And my families are great in handmade everything.
The taste where no one else can beat.

A lot of families and relatives to visit during every year Chinese New Year.
Cause we're really one big big big family.
We often visit far relatives like my dad's cousin or their childhood neighbor.

First House visitation.

Second House visitation.

Third House visitation.

(They even style or have the same pose with perfect colour matching position, how cute)

(Primary school mates where they use to stay at the same village and treating each other like family. Except my mom & kai mama)

Fourth House Visitation.

Fifth visitation. (It's a restaurant owe by my uncle, amazing cooking skills!)
Well the one in the photo is my far cousin but we born at the same place, same month, same year;
with just few days different.

with Venesa and her mom. 

Of course, never forget.
The one annoy me but show me a lot of "colours" sometimes,
but still help me in doing everything.
My brotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P

Cousins & Brothers.
They love to spend time playing around. Like never get tired.

(More photos in my all 4 devices of camera to store my best of the best memory.)
I'm blessed.

The journey may be ordinary,
but it is the best of the best.
That I belong part of this wonderful family.

It doesn't matter about what we do,
maybe just a simple meet up with some catch up chats;
it doesn't matter where are we meeting up each others,
precious elder generation just wish us to be there,
give them a smile, listen to them,
that's the best for them;
it doesn't matter who we are or how are we going to make it to be there,
Chinese New Year Celebration is all about reunion & care.

Appreciate | Blessed

细心聆听对他们而言 便是最大的福。

渐渐地 长大后的我们,
因为时代的转变 不再孩子气似地吵着他们,
他们的心 数人能知?

虽然简单 却每一年让我不同的 是内心感受,
那份真诚 感动,

他们眼神里的喜悦 脸上充满皱纹地微笑,

由我儿时 每次拜访都会煮他们最拿手也是我最爱的菜肴,
到今日 我长大成人 他们渐渐开始 不太记得我们的模样,
那 渐渐因为时光残忍带走的青春,
他们的动作 都缓慢了,
唯一不变的 是他们一生中最爱的特定喜好,
他们会坐在自己年少时大树下 弄的简陋木凳上,

是时候 我们该回馈他们了

看看他们 关心他们 聆听他们 对他们微笑

每每一家 的离去,
看着长辈们 那依依不舍得眼神,

惜福 | 感恩



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