Friday, February 5, 2016


A simple dinner or quick catch up with people after some busy times,
always the best moment in sustaining our life.
Life are changing, the only things remain is our feeling towards individuals.

Simple thing that I used to have previously,
now become something that I sincerely appreciate and blessed with.

My Pooh Pooh Bear.

People I used to stick together to have lunch during college period,
a quick lunch during our training period is super touch.
That moment when I saw she standing right in front of the main door of my office,
That sexy back, that height, that style everything..
everything just back into pieces.

I can't help it but give her a super tight hug,
that moment is forever.
And the next I saw is pinkish and watery eyes of her.
That's what we feel it from each other.
That feeling.

Ballet dance studio dance-mates reunion,
dinner and chit-chatting session never enough for us.
Just because we would like to chill, and know more about others.
At least we're not dead,
we do have that relation and attraction between at the same times.

Everyone knows that dancing is the main thing of my life, after my family.
Just a simple class conducted which I would never miss every day after my training is best thing of my life.
Dancing is like a drug for me, passion never die, love never ends.
I'm blessed.

Are you aware of simple things around that make you feel thankful?
Perhaps just random visit of 7-11 for random ice-cream with family will do.
Think of it, stay motivated.



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