Saturday, January 31, 2015


“Single is not a status; it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” — Unknown

I love these words so much,
even deeper how I felt after I read an article by Elite.

Yeah, for independent girls or so call young women like me,
I'm super proud of still being single and I'm definitely happy!

There's just something I would like to share and proud of it.
As mentioned in the article, it's obvious that single lady could be lonely but doesn't mean not happy after all.

Just something we should concern about,
beside than loneliness perhaps during night time wishing for conversation with someone,
or maybe when looking couple-tees and dream off someone else to wear it together etc.
I guess there's not much other for single lady to fall in love.

Just a princess dream of every young women.
Well, that's fact.

I'd successfully made lot of stuff with myself,
it doesn't sound sad but evidence of mature and independent.

I can go shopping alone, and really enjoy and communicate with the real me,
how or what did my heart tells me to do so.
I can drive myself to places I want to go so badly,
even just because of food or things I'm looking for.
There're much more successful evidence which, yeah I MADE IT

Single ladies out there,
stay chill and cheer up!
There're always the right one for you at the right time.

PEACE :) !

2015 life resolutions

January of 2015 left one last day before enter into the grand new month again,
one of my favourite month ever!

I'm quite a slow person,
so I use time of one month of January to set my so-call "year goals"

Time never stop or wait for us,
I want something big, at least once in my life.

So here's my 2015 resolutions list, I make it into 21 since I'm turning into 21 this year

1. I WANT TO TRAVEL AROUND, oversea. The first thing pop out of my mind.
    Particularly aim for Greece, Spain or Cambodia, with family.
    As my 21 year old birthday wishes.

2. EARN MORE. Get more part time job or event, get more opportunities though I'm still a student.
    Obviously, this is to try my best to make my first dream come true.


4. CUT DOWN WEIGHT, BE MORE HEALTHY. Well, gym workout muay-thai classes.
    Stick my life in the gym room, gonna date the gym room like hell.

5. BUY MUMMY DADDY BETTER STUFF. They always give me the best, that's the reason why.
    I really want to do that like madly badly whatever for my family.


7.  START OFF MY BLOGGING, like blog constantly.
     I want to inspire people with what's in my mind.

8. TASTE MORE DELICATE CAFE. Boost the gastronomy industry make me feel happy? lol

9.  SPEND MORE TIME WITH PRECIOUS ONE. You'll know if you're those. Hhhmm..

10. BE MORE HAPPY, appreciate life. Give powerful hands within my limits.

11. READ MORE BOOKS. Travel book? Cooking book? Inspire book?
      There are lots in my cupboard. Should finish it all.

12. PARTICULAR AND TIME MANAGEMENT! Always the important things that I really really
      want to change so so so hard before I enter into the industry as employees and develop myself.

13. TRAIN FLEXIBILITY. As a ballerina, I always need to be more flexible and my body physical
      doesn't born as good as others like long legs or high arch. Ballerinas knows...

14. ABLE TO JOIN MORE IN EVENT, THE BEST IS FOR MORE PERFORMING OPPORTUNITIES. I want to gain more stage experience and be the better dancer.

15. CLEAN! I mean like always whole year long cleaning my house, room. Everything helps in hygience due to my sensitive skins. Hhhmmmm..

16. DONATES MORE. Help out for those unable, perhaps just with donating stuff or join in for goods.

17. CAPTURE MEMORY, CREATE MORE PHOTOBOOK. For myself like perhaps doing more for collections. *anyone interested kindly pm me*

18. my favourite number. Find people in same interest. SOMEONE. If there's fate.



21. TRY BEST TO GET SPONSORSHIP. Work hard details for it.

I even get more than that, even over-wrote it.
Save for next time after I make all these come true.
There are always too much of to-do-things in my life,
I'll try to achieve each of it make it real.
Cause these things in my mind didn't come randomly but with mission I guess.


Friday, January 30, 2015


I'm an Aquarius baby in 20
going to turn into 21 in 20 days left.

Ever since I'm young,
I always love to have everyone gather up because of my big day.
Cause my birthday usually located in Chinese New Year,
as I'm a CNY Aquarius baby.

Time flies really fast,
as I'm living in the mother earth for 20 years already.
And I'm still,
sitting here and typing for my blog post.

This is just not the way I want or dream for,
well I'm the only one who hold the remote to control everything.

For living 20 year in my life,
changing from young kids to young adult.
It gave me more than just a time period but knowledge and thoughts.

I want to have something big and totally me happen in my life,
at least once.

No more honeymoon time for me wasting as a young adult playing games,
or even talking about relation-shits or gossiping about others.

Is a time to set my life goals,
and try my best always go after it and make it real.

I really really want that "wow" effect,
for myself.

I never try to go beyond my ability or try my limits,
so I'm just that ordinary me staying in my comfort zone,
with extremely slow growing speed.

this is just not me.

I want to make people who love me trust me, my family
Proud of me doing something awesome.

20 days left before Feb 18, 0218.
My lucky day.

I wish to spend all of my precious time with someone I love,
with people who understand my spirit.
You, perhaps?

Let's see how things might change or remain the same until my D day.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vacation, without troubling others

One of my new goals in my life ever since I started my tourism course.

Can you ever imagine before this,
vacation have nothing to do with me. Like nehh-who-cares.

Living for almost 20years in my life,
I'm really really proud of myself for my own ability to chase after what I really want.

The world are changing, same goes to the trend and behavior of human being in traveling.

We can see like people posting their vacation photo everyday.
It's fun and like it's common to travel around.

In my last year record for visiting thailand for three time (break my own record),
I can be like very proud with saying words of all of the travel expenses are on my own.
Pretty proud in my age of 20 and able to visit oversea within my ability.

For me,
vacation is without troubling others,
including your parents.

there are people out there in many way make traveling possible without barrier.

Rely on people beside than yourself for your travel expenses is just not a good things for me.

Everyone have financially troubles that stop your from doing something you want to.
You should work hard to achieve what you want or dream for,
instead of depending on someone else.

That's just not my type,
sometimes can't stand for people who rely or blindly do what others doing just because of that "trend".

Depending on EPF, boyfie for your vacation is just not me.
I would rather work extremely hard for that.

I don't feel envy for those depending on people for their travel expenses just to show off or anything. *nehh*
You wouldn't get my respect until you are able to support yourself.

just work hard for what you dream for friends!
Be independent, without troubling others


I'm blessed

I'm always appreciate and thankful for what I'm having all the times,
Time flies and I'm close to 21 in less than 3 weeks time.

There are always something in my mind which I wish to capture down,
this is why I'm trying to note down through notes in my phone, instagram, twitter even here, blogging etc.

Well, family always my first concern no matter what,
my family always my main motivation and my top one fans in what I decide to go for.

I'd received a traditional Chinese New Year song in my "Howe's" family groupchat,
It's like I never feel that warm before and can't wait for 2015 Chinese New Year,
although those Chinese song are oldies but still,
the special one to brought the feeling of big family in home, 
in the words of gathering family together.

appreciate what you have and whose by your sides every moment.