Sunday, January 3, 2016

Palladium Café | Eco Gallery, Eco Sky | Kuala Lumpur

It's 2nd of January, 2016.
Spent my brand new year closely with my precious one.
My 1st of January 2016 is definitely fun too.
Can see fatssss coming to me, aha!
Gonna Zumba & sweat super hard after this.

One of my brother are Jay Chou's fans,
especially when he saw post on Facebook.
So that's how we came across "psycho" our cute lovely daddy,
cause he's the driver and familiar with Eco Gallery location than us,
of course, we wish to spend more times together with him, in total five of us.
  And, it's a successful result for us!

We're very lucky,
and very glad to meet Henley Hii, 
one of the famous local artist in movies and magazine by coincidence when he's shooting for new product of camera.
Looking forward and waiting for the photo as well as the brand new camera as well.
So so cool and beautiful camera.
I should have ask him the camera brand name.
Anyway, stay tune for his upcoming event or update could probably get the answer I guess. 

Met him for two time,
and he's really really really friendly and kind that willing to fulfill little dream of me taking photo with artist.
Thanks for everything! :)
All the best for your career and brand new album.

let's tour around!

Love the little details where they really concern & care not only surrounding environment,
but also indirectly another way of educating peoples by notice of thanking cooperation from visitors on their work!
If I'm student that studying in related field of building or properties,
no doubt I would definitely go for Eco Wold Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld) for my future career.
this is how it influence me & make me knows about what they're doing and their intentions.

Christmas trees, although we're already in second day of 2016.
I'm pretty sure it would be better view at night.

Palladium Cafe based in Kuala Lumpur.
Inspired by Jay Chou's MV - 手写的从前.
It's just a very classic and cafe space could only fit table of 3 inside.

The choices of cakes and some drinks.

Framboiser RM 13
[ Almond joconde sponge infused with raspberry, layered by raspberry buttercream and a thin layer of berries jelly]

Mont Blanc RM 14
[ Crunchy vanilla tart shell bake with almond cream, top with vanilla mousse and swirls of chestnut cream around]

Iced Dark Chocolate RM 13
It's nice and strong taste of dark chocolate aroma!
Perfect for dark chocolate lover like me.

Wifi are available too.

Oh yeah, that's another hot Dark Chocolate drink RM 12.

By the way,
there's still another details that I love about Eco World conceptual ideas and effort of concerning surrounding environment that create awareness of peoples.
I realize that they're using recycle material kind of paper plates,
which the cost of recycle paper plates with non-recycle-able paper plates are little different
But Eco World or I should said Palladium Cafe did a great job!
In helping to sustain and really care about our environment,
at least by doing tiny little things that are contributing back to the society.

The so called "after-foodfie".

As you can see,
beside Palladium Cafe which is the outdoor sitting area for guests.
They provide table and chair with recycle waste and converted into useful stuff.
I'm talking about the green "tin chair" and "tin table",
in Malaysia language.
p/s: cause I've no idea what do that tin thingy call.

also their building or surrounding decorations inspire by the recycle and conservative ideas towards environment.
Spot the flying birds that made by some sort of environmental friendly material.

The "main stream" photo spot.
But seriously, Eco World concept and design idea are great.
"By making just a little changes, you can be different."

So this is how they come with white chair-kind of area
 that allow short people like me to either stand on it,
or to sit on it for perfect angle of shooting.
And here is it.
" I'm ready to fly!"
 Under the hot sun.

On the left hand side of the Palladium Cafe,
there's also area where everyone, especially those who love to take photos to pose and upload.
they understand the behavior and demand of peoples getting familiar and
characteristic of adoring  beautiful stuff to share online.

I guess I'm one of them. Who doesn't like beautiful stuff?
A pose of someone who really don't know how to cycle.

What you get is efforts of another,
don't forget to be thankful and appreciate what you're having right now.
They work hard for your goods!

Atmosphere: J|
Location: J|
Food / Beverage:J|
Price: J|
Service Quality: J|
The interior space will be good if there's any additional indoor area provided for large demand of customers, the door are very close to the cashier. I nearly get hit when people from outside coming in but couldn't see I'm standing right beside due to the limited spacious provided while waiting for seats.
It's a pretty good strategic in grabbing attention of customers arrival, but there's nothing much besides cafe and photos. Nothing much as what others might expect it to be.
Food and beverage are good, I love the dark chocolate drinks as recommended by one of my friend.
The staff are generally good, but still something missing in between to get closer to the guests. 
Overall, the idea and concept are good. Keep it up!

Palladium Cafe
Eco World Gallery @ Eco Sky,
Lot 3972 & 4189, Batu 6 1/2,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Jalan Ipoh)
*located right beside Tesco Extra Selayang, Jalan Ipoh.

Facebook Page :-
*check out their Facebook page for more upcoming events & latest business hour.

End my post here with beautiful view of hot weather.



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