Monday, February 22, 2016

#MAYVACEY Night Walk | random around Penang Road (Part 2)

Back to the track,
my previous short trip to Penang & Ipoh.
#MAYVACEY is back!

My family usual stay in Penang always make Hotel Malaysia, Penang as his first priority.
Nostalgia and kind of passive characteristic they have especially my dad.
He prefer things and places where he used to it,
and would like to stick with the comfort zone with minimum opportunity of exploring various.

Family trip always come with different characteristics and different idea.
There's also where the interesting ideas and communication come from.

I always wanted to like have a night short exploration by walking distance at Penang.
Especially with the authentic heritage elements building provided along Penang Road,
which are just one street away from Hotel Malaysia.

So we decided to randomly walk around the streets,
after some time where we told my parents that Penang Road are safe to explore at the night.
Just be alert that's all.

Discover the details with Penang local style!

The nearest food court is by walking from Hotel Malaysia to the parking area beside their hotel,
there's linkage or gate that actually allow others to access into the food court.
Red Garden Food Paradise
Where they have varieties choices of food and sometimes you can hear singing at Hotel Malaysia.
Cause they serve alcohol or beers.
Place for people to eat and chill I should said.

From another entrance of Red Garden Food Paradise,
it link us to Chocolate museum and one of the beautiful wine restaurant.
Georgetown Wines (If I'm not mistaken)
Cause I just pass by, but it's really nice and eye catching.
You can see people chills over there.

We saw this art mural,
it's not those mural drew by Ernest Zacharevic.
Where they have list to visit and famous for people visitng Penang.
it's located at the entrance of  Ryokan Chic Hostels.
It's pretty cool.
My dream car, mini cooper always the eye catching one for me to notice about hostel here few years back.
That's what make me keep on eye with this interesting hostel,
which are ranked best budget stay in Penang.
Having fun with the mural with their creativity!
Typical pose of mine. Lol


Bicycle parking area.
View from Ryokan Chic Hostel entrance towards the street.

By just walking along the street,
like just right in front the street.
You can actually happen to see Purrfect Cat Cafe in night view.
Door closing but interesting drawing about cats on the wall.
A nice photo spot during night time too!

Big YESSS for cat lovers.


Posing +1.

The street. Taking while I'm walking, little blur.

Just random walk around,
without any information, but just randomly explore in that sense.
I enjoy seeing their heritage building in night view,
and appreciate how the history through out years that brought us beautiful Penang today.
Everything are authentic.

Found nice restaurant. Hhhmm should try it when there's a chance!

And hey,
see there's a police car around.
We call it 'the-moving-police' in Malaysia.
Balai Polis Bergerak in Malay.
One of the mural by Ernest Zacharevic in night view.

I have no idea where am I,
but this hostel catch my attention too.
Such a nice combination decorate of their entrance.
The entrance.
"Mom, I need to get this!"

Cause for people like me,
where we don't know how to cycle.
The bicycle with 4 wheels and for two are perfect for me!

Yeahh then we reach to the MoonTree 47 Homestay.
Always the main entrance decoration that got my attention!
Good job.

Just a random walk across,
I get surprise and amaze by details and elements that they are emphasizing in.
On their efforts of making things unique in their own way own style.
Create eye catching attention by the travellers or visitors.

I'm impress.
This is how or what we could do as Malaysian citizen,
and the best part of as a tourism student in Malaysia.
I love my country and want to see it grow to be successful especially in tourism industry.

Need me to say more?
Stay tuned for my coming #MAYVACEY of my previous full exploration of Penang and Ipoh trip.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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