Sunday, January 31, 2016


Been spending time to quickly and efficiently catching up my journey,
there always another inner sound of me wanted to voice out badly.

"Travel is not about taking a flights, across the border to another country;
each of any one steps you take, 
it's consider as traveling." 
-- MAY

A journey.

For living life, things become business oriented.
How about the sincerity of traveling journey?

Anyone appreciate efforts of others that are not being paid?

Business is not about how the big eat the small,
but it is how the fast eat the slow.

There's always gap and struggling in between.
To earn or To live?

Perhaps in the beginning part of career journey,
people realize about the crucial part of the reality,
and they know the basic rules of living.
So, the choose to survival, in any terms of way to be successfully achieve the basic needs of human.

Perhaps after sometimes or either with or without realizing,
peoples might felt something's missing inside,
it's empty in there no matter how they can live their life like really well.
Then, the start to live with what their heart and instinct. 

Life is full of unpredictable surprise,
and there's how we should be flexible enough to adapt everything.

Hope everything is really going well and fine here.



Friday, January 29, 2016

#MAYVACEY Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Chendul | Journey of Penang (Part 1)

Waiting for our turn to order our Chendul.


Seat at the green building as told by the boss when we ordering our chendul, they serve yummy char kuay teow too!

I'd visited twice in my 4 Days 3 Nights road trip of Penang Ipoh trip.
It's pretty obvious that how powerful and how this Teochew Chendul "entertain" me & my family taste-buds. Awww...

Busy taking down order. Good business! Require skills of memorizing fast & accurate too.

A 'must' we-fie with this lovely local delicate gastronomy representing Penang, Malaysia.

Kids are hard to satisfied, but look! He's super happy and posing while enjoying his chendul.

That "green building" full of consumers. Serve local heavenly great food.

The view itself very peaceful and beautiful. Combination of generations cultural elements and sustainable elements to be conserved to provide close-to-locaol-relationship between every consumers that visited to their famous teochew Chendul.

Can't control myself but taking more and more photos using my Iphone 5.

It's like a paint isn't?

Always proud to be a Malaysian. Saya Anak Malaysia.
We're united as one, and look at local residents in selling tourism goods in a very authentic way that perfectly great in representing origin image of Penang. Lovely peoples, Beautiful Malaysia.

Authentic always the best way to present a destination image that create great impact to consumers.

Nothing can beat or replace cultural elements of every lifestyle.
This is why peoples starting to increase awareness in preserving and appreciate so called "norm" that they used to it, but this is how they'd been living for generations. Lovely.

Business never stop, peoples are coming non-stop too.

Candid photo. The memorizing skills needed. Lol.

Drive-thru for take away chendul? Ahaaaahahaa.. just passed by.

Peoples. Candid photos.

p/s : stay tuned for following part in details of my journey. Too much stuff in my mind require times for regenerating & content everything of destinations.

Hope you enjoy my post! Fyi, I'm just trying to spread my love and sharing of experience along my journey, as a tourism student. I feel the effort and sincerity of peoples towards this industry. It's perfect & blessed that nice peoples every where in this field. Let's hold on hands on hands providing best tourism image of Malaysia!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Internship Trainee

Everyone have their own unique dream to live on.
To stay motivated, inspire and alive.

In the second day of my internship,
still trying to adapt into new experience of working environment after 2 years of degree study.
I guess it's okay for me to feel lost or insecure at the beginning stage?

Been questioning myself lately,
on my future, my career, my passion...

"Is this what I want to live on for the my life? Like for the rest of my life?"

Can't denied, this question been turning around my head ever since I start my internship.
Is it right or wrong to feel so?
I'm little lost.

It takes me lots of courage to face the truth of reality.

There's nothing wrong with my working company,
they're so far good up till now.
I'm thankful that my executive director trust me to work on what's in my mind,
what I felt or perceptions towards tourism industry.
As a young urban consumer.

Just an insecurity in me.
What's wrong with me.

Always remind myself that everything will be alright.
I'm blessed and appreciated that there's still something I'm really into it and make me smile again.
The best soul in me are still alive.
My dancing class.
Best best way to release negativity in me recently. 



Monday, January 25, 2016

#MAYVACEY Family road trip | Ipoh & Penang, Malaysia (Express)

Candid photo of me whipping off my sweat in Penang. Don't get me wrong. oppss..
I've road-trip with my family to the north on last month.
Check out my latest video editing of my short escape for "vacey" on my Youtube channel.

I'd taken like bunch of photos in details for most of the place I visited.
This is a "express"  version post of my journey of 4 days 3 nights.
Quick view of places that I'd visited.
Stopped at Ipoh for lunch and continue journey to Penang.
View opposite Hotel Malaysia (which my first night stay hotel, nostalgia place for my dad)
Note down the "Sup Hammed" night time supper. Heavenly good!


Famous Teo Chew Chendul

Sup Hameed

Another nostalgia temple practice learn from my grandpa.
"Tin Gong Dua" - the locals will know once you tell them this.
Nearby Penang Hill.

Sister Curry Mee

Penang people lifestyle? #nostalgia #swag

 Kek Lok See Temple 

Wai Kei Cafe 
(Local prefer "Char-Siew" rice, worth to try!)

Line Clear Nasi Kandar
(Original famous Nasi Kandar)


Strait Quay
(Relaxation, leisure & any festive decoration)

Flamingo Beach
(Best for water activities)


Chew Jetty
(nostalgia, home business.. everything from the locals)

Batu Ferringgi
(Night market)

Camera Museum
(Perfect for camera lover, various series of vintage camera available here)

 Gurney Plaza
(Leisure shopping mall & some Christmas decoration)

(Must try! Drive along your car into the Ferry instead of using Penang bridge.)
Experience something different.


M Boutique Station 18
(creative & fun stay!)
Definitely gonna post another details post about this amazing boutique hotel.

Yeapppp one of the cafe that famous for Ipoh youngster, especially for dinner or place to hand out with friends.

Enjoying our business provided with staying in.

"Er Nai Gang"
(A street with history of past times and men "favourite" in the past. Oppss)

"Qin Xin Lin"
(Close to nature, feel the past)

a really express flash back of my trip!

Do stay tune for more details of most places I visited,
based on their tourism elements, sustainability, business ethnic everything.
Can't wait for my next post!