Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#MAYVACEY Evening Exploration | under the hot sun of Penang (Part 3)

Continue my randomness exploration in Penang,
with checking back photos in my iphone.
I realize that streets of Penang really got me!
I love taking photo along the way I passed by.
I really hope to capture and get everything that I see.

My walking exploration always start from my staying hotel -- Hotel Malaysia, Penang.
The street view once I went out from my hotel lobby.

Hotel Malaysia parking area, and the guard (uncle) who work for years.
I saw him every year when I went back since I'm 18.
Nostalgia huh?

Building on my right.
Beautiful colourful combination of uniqueness.
Sup Hameed (stay tune for coming up post for info)

You can see lots of street food along the street,
where you can randomly just bump into it for trying local snacks!
You might get amaze by them?
Just try.

Imagine how strong is the sun. Hot sunny weather.

Sometime it's even better to explore by walking around the street.
You might discover the undiscovered and some details!

So get down from your car,
set Penang free from traffic congestion.
Sunshine & little congested along Penang road.

It may be normal or a very local building where people won't even pay attention by appreciating it.
But not for me, nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia!

Try to flashback times where our grandparents having?
Or maybe not that old.
Times left something for us if you realize, 
so appreciate it before you regret!
Nostalgia nostalgia nostalgia.

Just lovely sunny day.

Some typical tourist action -- taking photos.

I have no idea,
but it make me press on my "snap" button for photo.
Power of Penang's building,
with some unique heritage elements.
Penang got it!

Look at that heritage elements of the building,
vintage & stylish for me!

Imperfection is perfect!
Street view.

By just one street in between,
the changes of building elements.
Combination of slightly new and old heritage elements.
Patiently wait for your turn during traffic congestion.

I love Spain so much, and I watch a lot of travel series movies for that.
It's just by once glance, it looks like one of the very common street in Spain. hhhmmm
By the way, this photo taken in Penang!

Street view is an art!

Heritage building with Subway in it?

Fluffy friend, say Hi!

Elegant pass by after me taking photo of him, yeah it's a "him".

Can't help it by taking photo again from the view of me walking back to my hotel.
The colour combination and building everything just got me.

Almost reach Hotel Malaysia.


Instead of trying the common way other use to do,
why don't allow your randomness to lead you to somewhere special?

A basic characteristic needed as a random crazy young creative traveller.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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