Friday, October 24, 2014

Truly experience natural beauty in Gua Tempurung in Perak, Malaysia

I'm always proud to be a Malaysian,
Saya Anak Malaysia,

Let's get start of my adventure journey of Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) !

The surrounding view before we enter into the cave, close to nature.

 The staircase that built inside the cave as a walkway that people can easily access and convenience.
As you can see, it's completely DARK inside, with just few light as our guide of direction.
All of the photo took by my Iphone in a water proof casing, so there might be blur.

Oh yeah,
warmly reminder here..
As I choose to go for "Grand Tour" which we will get wet and extreme exploration inside the cave,
water-proof casing for your phone always the best idea of the best.
Even the water bottle are not allow, strongly advice dress in sport wear (prefer long pants as we need to prepare to slide down from hill or crow in the water) and comfortable shoe, torch-light,  most important - water-proof phone casing.

As we are going higher and higher..

Quite sad cause I found litter or empty water bottle in corner or dark place where people don't usually realize but it does really pollute our visual view as an outsider, even there're litter bin provided.

I love the way my tour guide using really creative way to impress us and put us in a great and fun situation while exploring and look around on those rock.

And the photo below,
the tour guide keep telling us that "Mona Lisa now visit in Malaysia." lol
*sorry as my phone can't really capture beautiful photo in dark*

They say Mona Lisa washing her hair and showing her sexy back,
well.. my photo can't really prove it.
Better to experience yourself to get incredible experience ever in your life.

My assignment group mate and funny tour guide #wefie. lol

Everyone waiting for their turn before other group leave and start our really adventure experience from here onwards...

The staircase that guide us down, I'm standing 4 to 5 floor distance tall away.

 As a check point and memory, we took our group photo while waiting for our turn.
8 of us, the tourism degree gang.

 From here onwards,
the reason why I said our "really adventure" exploraion in Tempurung Cave begin now!
We are mostly in DARK and can't leave without torch-light since there's totally can't see anything at all.
Seriously, we should at least try once in our life in Tempurung Cave.
You'll never regret and finally get to experience something extreme and adventure in your life.
Words or photo can't really describe much over here as each of individual having different emotion and feeling towards how we felt.
The answer will always comes after you experience it by ourself.
It is totally worth and can't describe by words-of-mouth.
People only share about their personal thought and feeling but not yours.
So just go and try!

finally we are "out"!
 Everyone washing and rest and like "thanks god" that we are still alive. lol

 Group photo again after we thought our journey end here.

And sexy back , our ass as the evidence of we really try extremely hard for that. lol

Girls being girls,
#Selfie time!

Washing timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

 Shaky group photo of 8 of us.

 Alice in the wonderland. lol

 Oscar, the high self-esteem one.
 Kong Tsen, the slim river local.

My twins Evon in red and my cutiee pie Pauline in black.

 Jessica, the one between Oscar and Alice.

Chee Foong, the cute and funny one.

The moment we thought we'd completed our exploration in Gua Tempurung..
Group-fie non stop. heheeee...

We run up to this staircase happily....

And all we saw is just green. ohmygod.
Our journey not end yet.
We need to go all the way back to get out from this cave..... fainttttttt

*face like this* 

The way back was more exciting and a lot of crow down like totally into the water to reach the other side to continue our way to get out from this cave.
So sad can't able to have chance to take photo on how we actually really go down and crow in the water. 

Personally, that was really my favourite part to crow in the water.
Even my gang use shot-cut for some that they can avoid to crow into the water, 
but for me, I just ask random stranger that want to crown into the water like me to go along.
Seriously a very very unique feeling for me!

I even get surprise by myself that I able to develop myself again, 
where I never knew that I could make all this that far and found out another part of me. ♥ 

My twins, we made it finally!

This is really the end of your exploration in the cave! AHHHHHHH ♥ 
Get change in their toilet,
very sorry to mention that the only thing disappoint me is their toilet services.
Expensive and not well maintain, very not well.

Well I try not to make it "that clear" as it is really negative and disgusting to mention.
I wish they could really concern about this as there are getting more and more tourists visiting here.

I'm satisfied and impress by what I seen and appreciate it so much!

p/s: sorry for some of the photo quality that are blur and low in quality, and further information kindly drop me comment or message.