Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What to expect in Singapore?

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Experience Singapore, Wonderful Singapore!
It had been sometimes for me to return back again to this developed country land of proud,
as citizen of South East Asia.

Singapore are the only developed country in South East Asia,

From history to modern leading successful of the whole country,
Singapore always familiar and feel like home for me.
I guess maybe because it's part of us?
It's in our blood where we're all the same,

There always things that we can do in Singapore,
"sweet quick bite", I called it.

Sweet = Wonderful exploration around Singapore
Quick = Efficient and user friendly services
Bite = of course about their food

Let's see what make me can't forget about Singapore,
and what makes me wanna visit again and again.

1. It's near! Our neighbor country

Lovely sheet of immigration pass to Singapore, make sure you fill in it correctly.


The whole time I'm eating on my previous trip,
so this is the best I can get for temporary. Hehehheeee

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3. Random nice shopping mall

4. Great Hotels & Hospitality 

5. Universal Studio Singapore (USS)

My loveeeeeee since my young time!
Never change, and they even have minionss somemore,
ohmygodd I'm dying hard for it.

Minions Minions Minions!!

It's unique and specially for us Malaysian,
at least somewhere very near we can see minions 
before going to other Universal Studio around the world.

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Photos speak pretty lot!
And evidence of how much I am falling in love with USS.

Last but not least.....
6. Best for instragram posting!

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I miss Singapore!

❥♒ ♔ ░ ♥
Appreciate, Stay Blessed.