Tuesday, March 1, 2016

There's no winner out there, only the best of you

Early in the morning,
receive compliment from my neighbour when I'm going out for my intern-ship today.

Positive words light up others day seriously!

Screenshot from my FaceBook account,
see the positive energy spreading around!

Not sure others know about me or not,
I'm a ballerina for more than 15 years.

Ever since young, I am shy to tell the others that I'm a ballerina.
Perhaps some self-esteem of me or noises surrounding that had been questioning or joke on my outlook.

People tend to set their mind towards ballerina,
weather they should have long legs, slim body, high flexibility...
Where those mentioned above is what I lack of.
It may be truth,
but it's mind set of others that are "very-outdated".

Thanks God,
I surrounded with stronger positive vibes, and with more appreciating & stay blessed.
Times shape me into who I am today,
from low self-esteem girl that usually hide behind my mom,
and now shine and bright, confidently stand it out.

Through observations, understanding, experiencing.
I agree no more with what they meant it which everyone are unique in their own way.
There's no winner out there,
only thing is the better version of yourself.

Humans are meant to live in peace ancient years ago,
but then why compare? why make yourself stressful?
The only thing to do not to said compare,
but develop the better side of you.

There's no such thing as "THE BEST".
Only the better one of who you want to be.

In any sectors or any fields,
everybody shines in their own way.
Don't categorize as who are the top the best or the whatever famous in this field.
God create everyone for some special reason,
never compare with anyone beside you yourself.

Humans are humans,
they are all the same yet different at the same times.
Confusing but true.

Don't compare, don't try to win over.

Cause the only thing,
is the better you.

No one at the top of the world,
we are all the same.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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