Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Solo Trip | International Women's Day 38

I never try solo trip before.
Although I enjoy being alone and spend time listening to words from my heart.

It need courage not only for me,
but also to my family;
which pretty much relate back to our Asian cultural,
care & love.

For me,
I always wish to see what's happening outside the world.
Always wondering and curious of thinking,
or just see through the view of gadget screen.
That's one of my dream, to travel around the world.

But there's one thing I need someone,
or I should said something I can't miss it.
A "somebody" or "something" to take photo of me.
with full body with the great view,
but I guess I got one;
my mini tripod standing stick!
Just ordered online, can't wait for stock arriving,
I will share about my review or probably you can see me going around with great shoot of me inside the photos of my coming trip.
Stay tuned!

I always wish for something like this,
thanks to the creative creator that reduce problem of people like me;
which is a mini tripod standing stick!

Happy Women Day ladies!
Internationally people celebrate for us.
Proud to be woman.
Which make me feel like I can even dare enough to dream it out loud.
We, as lady can travel around the world without barriers too!

Let's just go beyond our dream,
nothing can stop us!

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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