Monday, March 7, 2016

Dance is love | Dancing is drug

Dancing : key of happiness!

Can't imagine who am I without dancing.

Anyone may happen to know me,
would definitely know that me and my dancing can't separate.
I can live without pizza, phone, peoples..
But can't live without dance.
That's me!

Dancing bring out the best of me,
make me shine.
Make my dream come true by coincidentally,
place me on my dream stage.
 I love to be on stage,
stage doesn't necessary to be a platform or under the spot light,
for me,
stage is everywhere wherever I am.

Spot me in all these photos.

It made from L.O.V.E.

Back to dancing,
Ritmo is more on feeling of song and free style of choreographing & your own style according to music;
Zumba is combination of cardio dancing with high beat song that burn your body up, just have fun and party! ;
Salsa is where you express with elegant, inner strength, body languages, sensations;
Ballet is where your technic and body posture, beauty of body line, leg extension, expression, feel..

All of me.

Dancing too,
bring me even closer to my family;
closer to beautiful people that I wish to keep on dancing with them in the rest of my life.

The stage,
it make me feel like home.
Where, everywhere I've been to, 
it belongs to me,
and it's my own stage in any form.

Dancing in any style of dance never failed to make me feel better,
and always bring on big smile not only on my cheek, but more deep into my heart.
Positive, energy, inspire, spirit.
Everything positive through dancing.

I'm very into dancing that I don't even want to miss any of the classes,
that's why most of the photo are from the others,
or usually after dancing class.

I love that if someone or anyone would like to took candid shoot of me when I'm dancing.
That's the best romance for me.
My love towards dancing.

With adding in zumba dancing in my life ever since last year May,
my negativity decrease and I can feel powerful energy of positively in me.
I'm no longer the stressful kid that always use to think that life is a mess!
It will only mess with zumba or dancing! Have fun!

I'm really happy that this spirit of positive being spread around,
my beloved mom & brother join the crowd as well to de-stress,
everyone feel refreshing and more positive every day after class.

It's an addiction that we can't get ripe of.
Dance is drug, and I'm totally addict into this dancing drug.

Dancing is love,
dancing is life,
dancing is drug,
dancing never end.

Once a dancer, forever a dancer.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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