Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Movies time!

Peoples who knows me,
they probably know that I'm those consider outdated audience of latest movies.
Or I probably don't even know what is it about. Lol.

Trust me!
This few movies where I watched in this one month times influence me.
Not to said I'm not a movie lover,
just that I prefer make it as my collection instead of watch it once in cinema,
unless that's movie that I'd been waiting for!

Ola Bola
Malaysian movie.
Although there might be some negative sharing regarding on some sensitive issues,
but let's bring this on!

We all feel it in deep of our heart where the spirit come from,
when it comes to any of Malaysia sport.

There's the only moment,
where the whole nation are in one.
Pathetically to said that,
but I truly love how this movie trying to bring people back in connection together,
as Malaysian.

We are the same,
goal doesn't matter kicked by Chinese, Malay or Indian,
but it's a Malaysian who make the goal kick that boil up the fire in every Malaysian heart isn't?

I watched this movie in Melaka, 
with total 20 pax of my whole family.
That's the only time we calm down rather than making fun or being noisy all this while,
cause I saw some of my family member swipe off their tears.

I'm not sure about the other cinema,
but in Melaka.

Everyone clapped and stand up with deep feeling,
a big clap from audience to show our respect and salute to our heroes.

Thanks for making us back as one again!
It doesn't matter about what happen in the movie,
but the impact and learning that individual brought out once they step out from the cinema hall.

This is definitely gonna be my collection!
Motivate myself and for more positive insertion of my thoughts of life.

Arena Cahaya - Zee Avi
Beautiful Malaysia song that bring us back as one.
The spirit never die!


Let's Eat


It happen by coincidence for me to watch this movie during my Chinese New Year period,
intend to go for "The Mermaid",
but couldn't manage to get it.

This is how I happen to watch this CNY movie with my family.
I got no idea about this movie at first,
just buy tickets and get it to the cinema hall.

this movie of "Let's Eat" manage to bring me into the movie scene.
Where I didn't know that it is Malaysian artists and most of the shooting are in Malaysia.
Based on what I watched from the movie.

The movie style are more on combination of Hong Kong style with combination of Malaysia cultural.
It express through the cross-cultural,
and also with traditional authentic style of delivering quality food with average rate,
or to be fast, quick, up too trend food chain with low quality of food production.

Which would you prefer?
Long term with patiently waiting for return of profits with stability,
Short term with extremely fast leading high profits but with high risk of opportunities?

Showing the strength of social media could effect any industry trend through words-of-mouth,
nasty posting on FaceBook, social media.
It's pretty fun to watch everything in one movie.
Especially when I'm in hospitality industry, where the social media can easily raise & kill us.
Playful one,
but it's the trend currently in Malaysia.

This movie may not be the well-known or famous one that everyone may know,
but the authenticity and in this movie they have some shooting scenes of beautiful sides of Malaysia.
Which make me really proud and touch.
Others know about the beauty and authenticity of our country, Malaysia;
how about us, Malaysian?
It make me thinks.


Zootopia! Zootopia! Zootopia!
A place where animals can dream, they wear clothes *not naked* 
It's pretty cute where what we see daily on animals not wearing any clothes, they called it naked.

A pretty inspiring movie for both kids and adults,
to have that trust in dreaming big and make it happen.
No matter how tough is it,
your dream will come true some day,
with all your efforts and patient being paid.

It reflect what happen the same in humans world,
politics, dark sides....
But with strong spirit and passion,
everything can be twisted and successfully achieved after hard times.

Judy, the rabbit - which is the main cast.
It's a charming and active rabbit with positive trust in "rabbit can be a cops too";
where in their world,
police officers are all those tigers, elephants etc. those big size strong strength animals categories.
No matter how the others criticize or Judy's parents doesn't support on her dream of being a cops,
Judy work hard & put efforts more than the others do,
to make sure her dreams come true,
to make a better world.

Things can change,
don't ever go for the negative way or side of doing something that only benefits yourself,
even you're in the worst situation.
Always hold tight and believe that things would always change and be better,
just be patient.

There's a lot and lot and lot of funny scenes too!
Especially when you meet someone like.....
Go & watch Zootopia!

I hope it won't be too late to share this post.
Somehow it's just what I learn and view through this few movies.
Thanks for all these production team or crew of their efforts in bringing audience the best as they could.
Which every movie bring me to a different destination in live,
where I can view things from different perceptions and sort of like think out of the box.
Improve my creativity tho!

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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