Thursday, March 10, 2016

#MAYVACEY Best Char Siu Rice suggested by locals | Wai Kei Cafe, Penang (Part 6)

Bright sunny day!
Talk to the locals, hoteliers that are more familiar with area in Penang.
So this is what I get after some conversation with the locals hotelier of Hotel Malaysia.

I'm so happy to have short conversation with them,
where the local know the best than anyone else regarding on the mouth-watering food located.

And here we go!
To the best char siu rice suggested by the local hotelier.

At first just based on building or some landmarks or hotel name to roughly know the location,
then when we happen to see those significant building,
we started to look for some blue corner lot building which told by a hotelier it's a hotel.
Local kind of hotel.

Pretty exciting & fun!
Driving around the small city and look for this local hidden delight with little hint.
Something for me & my family to feel the mysterious and excitement at the same time.
Driving around the little city for best char siu rice in the town.

Let's fast forward it,
we manage to get it and park by the roadside.
Thanks God we're lucky! Manage to get parking in congested area under hot sunny day.

Eye-catching isn't? Nostalgia & vintage. Those old times.

Where we park and manage to get "lucky" parking here!

Mailbox with some ages. Look at the wall.

Feel it the local way, things are norm for them.
But norm doesn't happen in short period.
I love seeing some random details elements of local lifestyle.

While walking through to get to the best char siu rice restaurant,
we saw something along our route just beside alley we passed by.
And guess what,
Mr. Bean are here!

Creative family be like. 

Creative dad be like.
Ohmygodd I can't help it, my dad are cute, too too cute!
He's trying to took photo of my mom & brother opposite side but didn't realize that he photo-bombed my photo.

Chill under the hot sun? hahahhaaaaa

Only then I realize,
it's valley of Grand Swiss Hotel.
Creative way for attention grabber!
Promotional tools on the wall of alley.

Feel the heritage ; Feel the local sincerity!

This cafe grab me attention.
Penang is simple eye-catching, interesting and creative!
Surprise along the route.

"Junk Cafe" -- they call.

Most of the things are refurbish or recycle used goods.
Those goods they change it into gold. 

Just classic, love the way they appreciate goods.

We're here already.
The best char siu rice suggested by locals.

The interior of this Chinese cafe.

Drinks we ordered.
Can't hide excitement while waiting for our foods. We're hungry & expecting something great.

The hand of God, deliver the best char siu rice in the town.

Oh yeah, this is the only significant landmark told by the local hotelier.
The sign that we've been searching for in our car to get to this Chinese Cafe. It's a hotel actually.

The view outside standing from the cafe. (Opposite road)

They saw me taking photos, but they continue their stuff.
Guess there's some people like me taking photos of them cause of serving the best char siu rice? 

Full house waiting for heavenly great food.


Close up for char siu rice! 

Too bad there's only char siu (fork-roast) left.
 Intended to try their chicken or "Siu Yok" (roasted pork);
that's why by the time I visited around 1pm, 
only little thing left but selling fast in 15 minutes and start seeing them packing.
Need me to explain more about their food?
Better try yourself!

Atmosphere: J|
Location: J|
Food / Beverage:J|
Price: J|
Service Quality: J|


Some walk again to go around Penang town under the hot sun.
Cause hot weather can't stop us from exploring!

Buildings. Nostalgia.

With less than 5 minute walk, we reach to the back entrance of Penang Camera Museum.


Washing area.

Monkey pose huh..

Flash back 2014.


I'm that generation who still able to see and touch and use this camera film.

Some "word-print" that prove that I'm here at year of 2014.

Art. They do it really nice in collecting and appreciating each camera from various generation.

View from the entrance of Camera Museum.
The day time view of buildings at the entrance of Penang Camera Museum.

Always love to blend into the photos with beautiful vintage building,
try to be the "mini-me" to look adorable. Lol

Being photo-bomb.

Purfect cat cafe at the same row with the main entrance of Camera Museum.
So why don't we just go inside and took some photo to show?

The Purfect Cat cafe.

So lovely the cat drawing.

Back to 2014.

Hmmm do I look slimmer this year? Lol

I want allllll.. It will be perfect if puppies one sell here too.

Cafe inside Camera Museum where is a must-pass-by route for us to reach to the back entrance.

On our way back to get our car.
I guess it's time to end my overloaded photos post here.
Penang is seriously beautiful.

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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