Saturday, March 19, 2016

#MAYVACEY Sup Hameed, Jalan Penang | Journey of Penang (Part 8)

Know what's it?
I beat not everyone know or heard about it,
but this is a MUST
I repeat, a MUST HAVE food in your food list!

It's located opposite side of Hotel Malaysia.
Where this is how, when, what the miracle happen to allow me exploring special food like this.
Once you try, you want it every day.
(Sekali cuba, hari-hari mau) - Malay.

This is another main reason that my dad love to stay in Hotel Malaysia,
nostalgia on food as well.
He's favourite all the time.
He's like a kid whenever we went to Penang and he always got plan for his late night out.
And came back hotel with satisfied face.

He brought us there once,
then we can never stop it after that.

So what is this? any idea?

It's Sup Kambing / Sup Ayam in Arabian style I guess,
which are the bomb for Sup Hameed Restaurant that 
you can see everyone have at least one on their table.
They don't even mind sitting by the road side and wait it patiently.

Look at their bread,
it's those original old style of plain bread (roti kosong)
that are totally pure & full with authentic to brighten out the taste of sup kambing & sup ayam.

The both are cooking using the same method,
just with different meats.

They usually serve daily only available at night time.
The taste ohmygoddddd
not the usual one you will get at other mamak restaurant.

There's even recommended by lots of visitors towards this restaurant,
I just realize when I scroll through and feel blessed that I tried it even others posted it up.
So satisfied *my dad satisfied face
People don't mind waiting for good food at the late night by the road.

View from Sup Hameed Restaurant facing Hotel Malaysia.

Sup Hameed in day time.

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Location: J|
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Price: J|
Service Quality: J|


Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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