Thursday, March 3, 2016

#MAYVACEY Sister Curry Mee I Pasar Air Itam | Journey of Penang (Part 4)

If you ever happen to visit browsing through internet about "to-try-food" kind of list,
Sister Curry Mee definitely sounds familiar for you.

Yeahh, it's ordinary yet authentic.
Mix cultural of sister from Thailand stay in Penang & continue their cooking style of mee.
I love the sincerity and passion in them for cooking mee using the authentic way.
coooking using charcoal.
One of the secret that make their mee delicious?

There's non of any fancy fancy stuff,
but this is their speciality.
Using the local style, existing resources to come out with delicate curry mee.

There's no waiters,
to taste their curry mee;
self-service are required, you serve and take the bowl of mee by yourself.
As both of the sister one are cooking and another one are preparing ingredients to be serve.

Authentic way of cooking using charcoal : the secret weapon. Lol

Both sisters are busying, hard to see them resting or doing nothing.
Show how special their curry mee are!
Should try.

The elder sister preparing mee bowl by bowl.

The face expression of saying "Thank you"! How lovely.

Secret Weapon 2.

I love the smile on her cheek, charming and warm.

It's always hot and the sun shine brightly everyday,
so you can see why are they having things to block and avoid them from hot sun.
With authentic simple way as well.

View from the seat opposite their store,
to taste their food.
Great view.

Close up yumm yumm!
You would like to get more than just one bowl of curry mee.
So bless that get to take photo with them.
They're super lovely and friendly.
Can't resist their smile!

Please stay healthy and smile!

Address : 610 K, Lorong Beside, 11500 Ayer Itam, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
Operate daily from 7am - 1pm.
But gonna be fast!
Usually it almost finish around 11-12pm.

Do it the Penang way! #PenangStyle

The busy street view as usual.

Testing XiaoYi camera 123...

Penang, always a beautiful city;
where allows me to explore and appreciate their efforts done towards tourism industry.

Saw few news update on the states of Penang,
which make me really proud and happy!
Although I'm a Melakian.
But still, we're all Malaysian.
And we're getting on truck to boosting up in our tourism industry.

The feeling of proud are stronger and always believing in tourism Malaysia could grow further!
Especially when I read oversea article talking about Penang tourism.

CNN Money:

News from Penang Tourism Board:

From The sun daily newspaper:

Shouldn't we Malaysian to be proud of?

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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