Saturday, March 12, 2016

#MAYVACEY Nasi Kandar | Line Clear, Penang (Part 7)

Can never stop for food hunt & exploration.
Let's go to the must try "Nasi Kandar" in the town.

Exploring by the foot again,
feel the authenticity!
Go green and go out & walk.

Eye-catching. Hhmmm if it works, it'll be really beautiful.

Just some walk, tadaaaaaaaa!
Line Clear Restaurant serve the famous / well known nasi kandar.

Queue up for Nasi Kandar.

You'll see this when you're there. And of course, lots of people queuing up.

Self-entertain while waiting for our nasi kandar.

It's crowded, but I see beauty in it.
Everyone share the same table, eat together..
This is somewhere where people can sit down and enjoy the food.
It's no longer about the food, 
but the surrounding atmosphere itself people are enjoying.

Without hesitation,
everyone just came across and smile, then ask for sharing table;
and enjoy nasi kandar together. 

That's the specialty of this place.

Their business are really good that they can't even stop cooking.

It take us around 15-20minutes for our turn,
but it's fast and yeahhh..
something that Malaysian love it very much.

Atmosphere: J|
Location: J|
Food / Beverage:J|
Price: J|
Service Quality: J|

Overall: |

Hhhmm let me use my "hungry face" to end my post maybe?

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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