Monday, March 21, 2016

#MAYVACEY Straits Quay | Journey of Penang (Part 9)

Back on track,
I'd been missing for a week for my Macao working trip!
Stay tuned for exciting videos and photos.

I'm sure that "Straits Quay" sounds familiar for people who visit Penang oftenly.
Ever since year of 2013, 
where I came across friend introducing this wonderful place for me,
you can see me returning-visit to this amazing place --
  Strait Quay!!

My visitation every year to Penang roughly around November to December.
And that's where places are being decorate with Christmas elements.
Which fulfil my pinky tiny dream where I hardly celebrate my Christmas oversea,
but it's good enough to at least feel it, with my family.
The parking space numbering design, simple but powerful image being presented.

2015 family photo | Straits Quay

Thanks to XiaoYi action camera in high quality of photos!
Where able me to take photo with wide view along.

As a frequent visitor to Straits Quay,
let me show you the different between year of 2014 & 2015.
Let the photos speak.

Straits Quay | 2015

A lovely shoot with my "long" leg & XiaoYi sticks. Lol.

Nahh chose one! Audi for you? Hahahahaaa..

My dream car: Mini cooper
Taken by the little boy,
please come back to mama~~ *drama-queen-be-like*

Take it all.

It's pretty cool & cute that they provide some small activity at least for the kids,
to keep them entertain and allow mom & dad to rest for a while or have a quick view of Straits Quay.

Straits Quay | 2014

Young kid back on 2014.

Supp bro!

Big expression. Face expression.

Notice the differences?
Straits Quay comes with different theme and Christmas decoration which always surprise us up!
Visit Straits Quay every year & you'll surprise by their efforts.

Which design you prefer?
Let me know or have a even deeper conversation on that? Oppsss

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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