Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's okay to do it again, start from the bottom.

Chase away laziness on Tuesday,
kick off the heavy traffic & squeezing public transport!

Daily routine,
just try to make it amazing and awesome! :)
At least keep yourself motivated.

Start it from the bottom no matter how tall have you been,
life goes on,
things gonna do it still.
There's nothing to be shame of, nothing to be embrace of.
Start it all over again helps in re-develop for your past mistake and enhance self-development.

The only thing different is
 just to be the better & improve version of your previous one.

Just some thoughts came across where I talked to one of my long lost friend,
where we use to talk to others ever since the first start using of Facebook & we're just secondary student.
I blog previously about my feeling and thoughts back to my secondary period.
Where we're really emotional sensitive and with fire of express our "teen" feelings out.
This is life.

Life is always a cycle for everyone,
the cycle can either better or worse depending on what's in your mind, your thoughts.

Reality life,
where humans might "accidentally" wanted to cross over others,
compete and be the best compare to the others.
And here's where issue come from,
they want to win over and prove themselves badly madly.

The only best things,
is where you do your part with all your efforts.
If you're really good, people will know anyhow.
There's no need trying to show yourself so hard.

Be true to yourself without harming the other is the best.
Let's stay positive and chase after our dream with passion and love!
Not war or negativity.

Peace smile!

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Appreciate, Stay Blessed.



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