Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#MAYVACEY Air Itam Laksa | Jalan Pasar, Penang (Part 5)

My favourite nature curly bun hair.

After the exploration of Sister Curry Mee,
the another well known spot for food hunting nearby Jalan Pasar, Penang.

Asam Laksa!
Let's see it back from year 2013, try to spot the difference / no difference?
Nostalgia food always win!


The smile on my dad's face is priceless! Too adorable. My dad are cute. Heheheee

Another spot where my family wouldn't miss to sit & order 6 bowls of Laksa where there's only 5 of us.
Super loyalty customer here.

The weather here are super duper hot!
As the really shiny photo that I took that nearly shine my eyes out. Lol.
The weather couldn't stop us from Asam Laksa.
Which me & my family been craving for 1year,
cause we only visit once in a year as family trip.

The Asam Laksa !!

Couldn't get other place of selling Asam Laksa that could satisfied me & my family beside than this.
Let me know if you got some "hidden" place selling good asam laksa too?

year 2015. Let's see how many year of photo I can collect. Memory plus gastronomy!
Atmosphere: J|
Location: J|
Food / Beverage:J|
Price: J|
Service Quality: J|


Continue to the temple of "Kek Lok Si" nearby after our taste-bud being well entertain.

Oh I just saw from news today from Malaymail Online.
Saying that Penang are targeting Korea & Myanmar visitor to boost up tourism industry.
I guess here's what they might prefer!

Appreciate, Stay Blessed.




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