Tuesday, January 5, 2016


 I am a Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management student.
Expect graduate on coming May 2016.

My last semester was internship which is industrial training for 4 months for degree student, 
it had been include for the purpose of student understanding the reality working environment of field that they're studying.

the words itself involves everything and nothing.
Events, cultural, heritage, travel, flight, translator, all sort of hospitality services.
But, all are intangible and perishable.
That's why it can be everything and nothing at the same times.

I believe university or college student more or less are facing something similar to me,
especially trying to get company for training or the fresh graduate job.

I'm a tourism student.
Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management, been mentioning for few times.
That's how I present myself I should said?

Had internships during Diploma, 
interview for few various type of possible job scope of tourism sector.

Peoples will never fail to questions the most common thing for them,
"Why did you study tourism where those SPM graduate can just go and learn and start their career?"
"What did you learn for studying that high qualification in tourism management?"
"Tourism is something that you doesn't even need to study at all.
 You just need to be good in communication and customer service that it."

It seems to be true but it depends.

Any field or industry should get respect from the others,
at least need to appreciate their values and efforts being done.
Nothing is wasted in our life.

No matter how bad the situation or how ridiculous the noise around might be,
just believe what bring you that far and stay tenacious.
Beautiful future ain't not gonna have a beautiful startup,
it can be your nightmare;
trust me, one day you'll see how nightmare change into the best out of best.

Been to few interviews,
interact with peoples from different background,
with or without passion towards tourism industry.
People will thinks that being at the higher level especially in tourism industry,
you doesn't need to get high qualification, which for them is waste of money any time,
which.. I didn't agree.

It might sounds sad or cruel, but it's the fact;
things or theories that we learnt during university or college duration,
nearly half of it remain in the textbook but not your working career,
applied in any job or industry.
Peoples will said your certificate is just a piece of recycled toilet paper.
It depends as well.
The value of learning doesn't state or seen on your paper,
but the whole progress of your education that develop and change individuals.
Perhaps, that's the unique selling point of individual graduated from university,
where you know what's in the past and the factors everything,
and now you're developing, applying, analyzing things to capture valuable, unique things easily.

Entering to the second stage of my life,
which everyone facing around their 20s.
Balance between family, work, life, personal..
higher paid? flexible job? regular time? life goals?
For now, as a fresh into this industry.
Learn everything, adaptable & hamble is the key.
Pay might not be fulfilled for this few years, it will be challenging as well.
It concern me for few times, luckily I got the answer with me after some time of struggling.

My dancing path and passion never die.
That's where I got my life goals being set regarding on my dancing passion.

I'm a stubborn and tenacious person,
especially when it comes to something I want for so hard.
The beginning always the hardest part,
that's why I'm always trying my best to fulfill and achieve what I want for.
No one can stop me, 
future are unpredictable, no one are safe or guarantee for something,
just go ahead and at least you live once and try hard for things that you want madly.



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