Monday, January 11, 2016

Giselle | Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

Source from MPO official Facebook.

My very first time attending Ballet Concert,
kind of excited but nervous for my final at the same time.

The benefits of still consider as a "valid student" yet,
MPO having lot of goods for student to able to experience any art shows or related concert,
with a very best price like you wouldn't even believe on it!

That's why I purchased my student rate ticket for the this both January Ballet concert,
for this and  next Friday night show,
 8.30pm at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS,

the story of a peasant girl who dies of a broken heart after
 discovering her lover has been promised to another girl.
The MPO and Ballet Stars of Moscow recreate this moving tale.
Source from MPO official Facebook.
Where my January been scheduled like, full with ballet concert.

You know your younger brother love you very much!
Saw this on table after my short nap, before I'm off to Giselle show.

Sorry for the blur photo, cause I'm walking fast >_<

But I really like the way at least, Malaysia trying to do something creative!

Look at that combination of Chinese cultural elements.
This is beauty of Malaysia,
with beauty of cross-culture.

Masjid Jamek station - Gombak line of Putra LRT.

One of the peak season of Malaysian LRT. 6.30pm.

"Music that moves you" -- MPO

My show start at 8.30pm,
I'm there around 7pm, in case traffic congestion or any unpredictable things might happen.
Technical or punctuality problem sometimes for our transportation system,
so that's why I try to be there earlier.

 Go and grab come drinks before the show.
Randomly shop around and this "dol.komm Coffee" get my attention.

Shaky photo.

I got myself a hot milk with orange chocolate kind of.
I forget the name.

The chocolate stick is actually for purpose of stir the chocolate into hot milk.
The chocolate somehow taste like one of my favourite chocolate brand -- Cadbury zip (image below).
The combination, suit my taste completely.

Source from Google.

I can't focus both my ticket and the background using my Iphone 5.
Perhaps need to understand more about photo-shooting angle and tips. heheeee..

Everything here is incredible for me.
As a Malaysian, standing inside the building of Twin Tower really makes me feel proud.

Meet my ballet friend, Wendy.
Cute girl who love cosplay very much. Lovely.

Hahaa, trying to #wefie put lil failed.
It's still our memory! :P

Sitting in the hall waiting for the show,
everything here is just, amazing!
I have out of any other words to describe as my first visit here.

Panorama view from my seat.

The officer there told me that I'm lucky!
Cause I got the one last program book of Giselle.
 I'm lucky yet blessed at the same time.

2 minute before the show...

Everyone is practicing.

 It's a truly amazing experience for me!
For the first time, I experienced orchestra lively.
And makes me understand the new syllabus of Royal Academy Dance Ballet (RAD),
the emphasizing in arts and performing, expression and inner feeling,
that emotional sense in bringing out elements in ballerinas.

Their expression, posture, ballet technique everything!
Ballerina dancing on pointe, hand alignment everything is perfect.
I am a ballerina since I'm 6 years old until now,
currently in my Advance One.

My self-esteem of my size previously,
make me feel shy and always wanting to be let others know that I am a ballerina,
when I am able to slim down.

But this is not about size!
Times brought something totally different to me.

Dancing is passion in me.
My love to be on stage and respect on someone standing on stage,
everything is like magic, perfect.

Every performance or dances that performed by Ballet Stars of Moscow,
once again change my perceptions towards ballet.
I should said,
it make me believe in what I want and what I believe in.

Dancing on stage,
with expression and feeling on pointe,
that's my dream.

After the show.

View from top.

Beautiful ending with me in the photo.

Thanks for official MPO in liking my photo on instagram, :)




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