Saturday, January 23, 2016

Life goal accomplish

Hanging my blog with no new post for few days.
that's right!

My virgin video editing available on Youtube now.

I'm so so happy and excited.
After learning basic video editing and try to make one of my vacation video.
Which I wanted to do so badly ever since my visitation for years to Penang & Ipoh, Malaysia.

Successfully get myself an action camera of XiaoYi,
and steps by steps.
Here I am.

It takes me 4 hours to make a video around 10 minutes for the very first time.
Still a newbie and in learning stage.

There's too much in my mind,
stay tune for itineraries of my road trip which some are just in photo form.
Can't wait to share my experience here.

I'm very proud as a tourism student,
tend to notice on every single details during my journey and photo as memory or evidence.
That's why my iphone always out of storage.

Do share and let me know if there's any improvement or comments on my video,
I'm learning too. 



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