Tuesday, January 19, 2016

C'est la vie | This is life

There's always ending of every movie, but our life goes on.
Until the next time we're "on-screen" for casting again, 
we just need to play our role well.

Just let go & move on.

Life are pretty sarcastic,
those who exist or cross-border to our live for a while,
will leave one day no matter how.

Those who we knew,
may just remain "just we know" relationship forever in our life,
if one doesn't want to have better relationship with us.
It apply in both friendship and relationship.
they're mean to be in that particular role in our life.

One may not be their favourite or the priority for them,
perhaps just who they would like to remain "just they know" status with us.
Carry on and smile.

You'll thank yourself someday for making decision like now.

People comes and goes.
Appreciate those who willing to stay for me,
either a while or plan to be lifetime for me.
I hope I can be the reason someone someday to stay for a lifetime of periods.

We all have different path,
where we all heading differently.
Everyone have their own zone.

Appreciate every moment spent with anyone.



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