Saturday, January 16, 2016

Romeo & Juliet | Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO)

Just came back from the show,
and there's something really really strong feeling for me to update right now.
Before I end my day for last exam paper in my last final exam.

Proud to be student! 
Seriously, students out there please fully utilize your benefits.

 Even there's one week different,
but seems like everything change.
I mean, efficient and feeling of "wow"..

 For Romeo & Juliet,
there's not much choices of seat for me 
when I purchase along with ticket of Giselle (show of previous week).

Can see the different and how people wanting to watch this show,
So, I got the first roll of the seats.
Like everything is just right in front of me.

Panorama view again.

Focus. #random

Just a friendly note, if you're almost the height of me, around 155cm.
Advice to choose seat at least like my seat last week that middle row.
Cause this is my while most of the time.
But nothing can stop me from feeling what they are expression on stage.

The power of Ballet Stars of Moscow! 

The girls are cute, they always cover their face.

Audience, during 20 minutes break.

Don't know why, feel like standing at the middle of the dot and ask someone to took photo of me.

I appreciate and adore the way MPO doing really good in delivering Beauty of Malaysia.

I love this photo very very much.
Don't ask me why, that feeling <3

Once again thanks for the one who helped me took this photo,
always randomly ask someone to took photo of me. Heheee..

I'm sure most of us at least heard about story of Romeo & Juliet,
it's a very romantic yet pathetic love story.

Through their movement and expression,
I can feel from the deep of my heart and goose-bump everything,
almost like stop breathing of from the emotion that they brought to us.
When Juliet died, and Romeo's expressing his feeling through heart breaking movement,
their touch of sensual.
Their connection, how they feel between each other.

They really really brought us into it.

Dancing is not just about dancing,
but it's another sense of communicate when you can't talk.

Expressing of your inner urges, emotion, expression..

It make me wonder,
were they really be Romeo in real life?
Like they will die for you..
Not that really ask to die,
I mean that courage in doing so.
Just for someone like Juliet.

The Ballet Stars of Moscow dancer,
the ballet dancer of Romeo & Juliet.
How sweet, they kissed.
You can sense and feel how strong they felt towards each other.

The ending is beautiful,
I mean the formation and choreograph everything!
The view is just sense of peace and hope.

The ballet dancer of Romeo & Juliet,
they both "died" at the end.
But they stay forever in real life,
how sweet and lovely.

They even kissed on their finale,
when their turn to say thank you with movement,
their eyes connection, holding hand everything...

This is what a real life Romeo & Juliet are.
They look amazing and really great together.
Audiences are very touch and happy for them,
I accidentally heard what spokes by the others.


唯一不变的 是那一场表演给你带来的感受是永恒的,

也或者 明天考完试后 意味着淡淡的离别。

所以他愿意为你 付出任何代价?



Seriously, I feel really really proud,
Standing that near and looking up to this amazing building.

For my last paper in my last final exam
All the best!

Елена Воробьева
Илья Бородулин

(Name of the both ballet dancer)

I'm searching around everything about them and Ballet Stars of Moscow!
Do let me know if you know any information about them.



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