Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Relaxing moment after final exam

In case any of you who haven visit to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur 
for their latest Monkey Chinese New Year design.

Here is it!

Can't wait for "Monkey" year for according to Chinese Cultural festival!
Count down 3 more weeks for Chinese New Year.

Enough photo of me!
You can see excitement in me everything.

Spot the minion potato MAY.
Hungrily waiting food mode ON.

Pooh Pooh Bear's meal.

My lunch. Rrwwwwwwrr..

Matcha Latte. (included in set lunch)

First taste of Matcha Latte.


Oh yeah, she's my pooh pooh bear!
The one laugh really really hard out of her lung.

Also a food lover, but afraid of sun.

She told me she love this spoon, hope to have one like this in her house. #real
That's why you can see from her expression,
cause I always like to "stalker shoot" to combo snap photo of someone.

Look at her. HAHHAAAHAAA
Please continue be my pooh pooh bear until you become my old pooh pooh bear.

I'm way too hungry that I really forget to take photo of everything.
I enjoy my time over there,
the food and beverage serve there is good.
Their sweet service that gave us a little basket to put our bag under our chair surprise me a little.

Nana's Green Tea in Pavilion,
really give me comfort and great time in chit-chating with my pooh pooh bear.
Appreciate moment like this spent with her every time.

We all gonna go for internship after one week,
I glad to have her exist in my life.
Of course,
I'm a little greedy to hope that I can teach her daughter dance in the future.

Went for < 5th Wave> movie today.

The trailer itself catch my attention,
About humanity, care, love, future perhaps..hhmm

Go for the cast, 
all source are from google.

My type.



Photo speaks.

I try not to tell much about the movie,
you should go and experience and watch it while it's still available on cinema.

Just curious,
recent few years, they're having a lots of movie like this.
I mean like how the earth being destroyed,
human without humanity, killing each other..
Insert some bullet or information tracking system into humans..

All sort of technologically control human being,
I'm wondering out there,
another side of world that we may not know.
Is it real or happening on them?
The dark side.
We never know.

is unpredictable.
perhaps we can start to make a change from now.

Not over depend on technology that allowing it brain-wash us,
never allow it control or indirectly enter into our life and left our humanity away.

People become more lack of humanity that care about others,
just to protect themselves from potential dangerous situation.
Since when we becoming like that?

It's just,
something in my mind.
Sort of like make me wonder and think.

are unpredictable.
are the one who could foreseen the unpredictable and change it.



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