Sunday, January 31, 2016


Been spending time to quickly and efficiently catching up my journey,
there always another inner sound of me wanted to voice out badly.

"Travel is not about taking a flights, across the border to another country;
each of any one steps you take, 
it's consider as traveling." 
-- MAY

A journey.

For living life, things become business oriented.
How about the sincerity of traveling journey?

Anyone appreciate efforts of others that are not being paid?

Business is not about how the big eat the small,
but it is how the fast eat the slow.

There's always gap and struggling in between.
To earn or To live?

Perhaps in the beginning part of career journey,
people realize about the crucial part of the reality,
and they know the basic rules of living.
So, the choose to survival, in any terms of way to be successfully achieve the basic needs of human.

Perhaps after sometimes or either with or without realizing,
peoples might felt something's missing inside,
it's empty in there no matter how they can live their life like really well.
Then, the start to live with what their heart and instinct. 

Life is full of unpredictable surprise,
and there's how we should be flexible enough to adapt everything.

Hope everything is really going well and fine here.



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