Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Internship Trainee

Everyone have their own unique dream to live on.
To stay motivated, inspire and alive.

In the second day of my internship,
still trying to adapt into new experience of working environment after 2 years of degree study.
I guess it's okay for me to feel lost or insecure at the beginning stage?

Been questioning myself lately,
on my future, my career, my passion...

"Is this what I want to live on for the my life? Like for the rest of my life?"

Can't denied, this question been turning around my head ever since I start my internship.
Is it right or wrong to feel so?
I'm little lost.

It takes me lots of courage to face the truth of reality.

There's nothing wrong with my working company,
they're so far good up till now.
I'm thankful that my executive director trust me to work on what's in my mind,
what I felt or perceptions towards tourism industry.
As a young urban consumer.

Just an insecurity in me.
What's wrong with me.

Always remind myself that everything will be alright.
I'm blessed and appreciated that there's still something I'm really into it and make me smile again.
The best soul in me are still alive.
My dancing class.
Best best way to release negativity in me recently. 



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