Monday, January 25, 2016

#MAYVACEY Family road trip | Ipoh & Penang, Malaysia (Express)

Candid photo of me whipping off my sweat in Penang. Don't get me wrong. oppss..
I've road-trip with my family to the north on last month.
Check out my latest video editing of my short escape for "vacey" on my Youtube channel.

I'd taken like bunch of photos in details for most of the place I visited.
This is a "express"  version post of my journey of 4 days 3 nights.
Quick view of places that I'd visited.
Stopped at Ipoh for lunch and continue journey to Penang.
View opposite Hotel Malaysia (which my first night stay hotel, nostalgia place for my dad)
Note down the "Sup Hammed" night time supper. Heavenly good!


Famous Teo Chew Chendul

Sup Hameed

Another nostalgia temple practice learn from my grandpa.
"Tin Gong Dua" - the locals will know once you tell them this.
Nearby Penang Hill.

Sister Curry Mee

Penang people lifestyle? #nostalgia #swag

 Kek Lok See Temple 

Wai Kei Cafe 
(Local prefer "Char-Siew" rice, worth to try!)

Line Clear Nasi Kandar
(Original famous Nasi Kandar)


Strait Quay
(Relaxation, leisure & any festive decoration)

Flamingo Beach
(Best for water activities)


Chew Jetty
(nostalgia, home business.. everything from the locals)

Batu Ferringgi
(Night market)

Camera Museum
(Perfect for camera lover, various series of vintage camera available here)

 Gurney Plaza
(Leisure shopping mall & some Christmas decoration)

(Must try! Drive along your car into the Ferry instead of using Penang bridge.)
Experience something different.


M Boutique Station 18
(creative & fun stay!)
Definitely gonna post another details post about this amazing boutique hotel.

Yeapppp one of the cafe that famous for Ipoh youngster, especially for dinner or place to hand out with friends.

Enjoying our business provided with staying in.

"Er Nai Gang"
(A street with history of past times and men "favourite" in the past. Oppss)

"Qin Xin Lin"
(Close to nature, feel the past)

a really express flash back of my trip!

Do stay tune for more details of most places I visited,
based on their tourism elements, sustainability, business ethnic everything.
Can't wait for my next post!



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