Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Honest speaking,
I'm a huge fans of Photobook ever since my first try on 2014.

A lot of people question me when I show my photobook to them,
especially during special occasion where everyone are gathered,
they'll laugh and recall back memory when those photo are taken.

Their smile on their cheek are priceless seriously.

Photobook services and quality wise everything never let me down.
I had like more than 10 Photobook up till now, as my beautiful memory collection.
And the latest one I get myself a 4R Photo Print in 100 piece.
And truly thanks for the great services.

Great services is what I experienced for few times,
and this is one of the best.
Which the software I had downloaded in my laptop previously did not show 4R selection for me.
Which make me sad, cause I don't know what is going on to the software,
and my deal date like less than few days.

Of course I panic and have no direction at all,
luckily Photobook always known for their good services, which normally reply on the next day.
Which is consider proficient and fast.
They are very helpful and friendly,
they help in any sense just because they appreciate their customer.

 Their product quality, efficiency, services everything are superb.
They understand their customer and able to see the missing gap in between
where people love to take photos.
Photo Print by pieces may not be their priority.
So they start in having the concept of Photobook,
where it is totally free independent design by customer with given frame, stickers, background etc.
People prefer books to show other rather than just showing photo from smart-phone,
which sometimes memory storage can't effort to.

The same concept go for their photo print as well,
as it is free independent design.
You can choose either to be just one photo or few photo combined with adding of wordings and filter.

 I received it this morning through pos laju,
convenience and easy!
 Although I'm the one who design everything, 
but still kind of excited when I receive it in real.
It is tangible.
It's like ma baby.

100 pieces consider large number,
I prepared my own photo album to keep all my printed photo.
So happy and all are beautiful memories.

"Everything are changing, but memory won't fade."

There are voucher promo code given every time you receive goods from them.
It's even better and worth it!

Just a sharing of my experience on Photobook.
I'll try to share again for my photobook made from Photobook.
It's even more exciting!
So stay tune for my blog post.



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