Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Are you the one?

Last final examination in my degree life starts on 7 of January.
It will follow by my internship duration for 4 months before I officially graduate.
Life never stop,
it's always like rush and not enough time for say thank you or stay in our favourite moments.
Life goes on.

Accidentally heard song from Kang Gary,
which is his latest song published on 3 of January.

The words inside are beautiful,
reflecting the true lifestyle and feeling of people in entering into the reality working environment.

The music video shooting, music quality everything is perfect!

The lyrics itself touch me heart,
I'd been repeating this music video for lots of time.
It's something deep in our heart,
where sometimes we didn't know how to express,
that we didn't need anything, 
but just to see someone for drinks or cup of coffee.

Friendship or relationship,
it apply the same.

There's always few priority that understand me,
that I always wish to spend my time with them.
Where,I appreciate golden time spend with them.
But the thing is,
I may not be their priority,
sometimes I'm just too shy or doesn't know how to express in asking them out.
I'm not sure about them,
whether are they feeling the same as what I feel or;
it is just me.

There's few that I want badly,
to always keep connected with them.
Nothing much than just knowing their life,
good or not,
what's their latest update or interest..
That kind of simple care from me.

People around told me to just let it be.
If me and them are meant to be,
it will be no matter what is it.
I don't even need to do anything to keep in last forever.

But is that the end?
Should I just keep on waiting without doing anything?
Sometimes just want to let them know that I care.
I appreciate time with them.

It somehow create a struggling situation for myself.

Que sera, sera!
(what ever will be, will be)

Just some strong feeling and thought when I first listened to this song.
That's why I said the lyrics itself is so beautiful.
All the best for me & my friends who start final examination tomorrow!

let's enjoy the music with beautiful lyrics from this song that hits me hard.
Lyrics souces from Youtube,
just click on the "CC" button to get the English subtitles about this song.

"The night everything become a burden."

"Dreaming to be the best in the city,
I can feel even the bad energy to the bones."

"Unhappy things are more,
when there's no money."

"Just a couple of people who understand me,
drinks to enjoy with and music."

"Always going on travel in my mind,
where should I go on this holiday,
from Europe to South East Asia."

"Have a drink before going back home?
Nothing special but just wanna see you for a second
to have a cup of coffee or drink.
Whatever is fine with me,
so come out for a minute."

"We must succeed, not be happy."


p/s: I have no idea about my mini video display over here. Please do let me know if any of you know how to adjust this or make it bigger to view. Thanks! :)



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