Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm sorry Taeyang

Just ordinary me.

Starting from the year of 2010,
ever since my first heard of "Wedding Dress" from Taeyang.

His voice, song nor music style, talents and everything about music,
he's my idol, my target, my aim to be a successful musician like him.
There are still more of him brought out of me,
dream, appreciation, dare to be real and sing!
: (

Huge apologize to Youngbae, and one of my 21 year old goal;
I'm sorry for couldn't make it real,
to participate in the first idol concert stage in my life in my 21 this year. 

As the post mentioned yesterday,
I'm not a rich kids.
I want to own and get everything that I want by myself.

This is why,
for this time I really have to hug myself and sorry to both myself and Taeyang.
As what I planned,
I want the first concert in my life is in Taeyang concert.
Too bad, fail.

Here's my always favourite song of him.
Wedding Dress - Taeyang.
The song that totally change me and I can even feel the emotion that he expressing in this song,
every time when the melody start.

Even his latest "Eyes, Nose, Lips" get awarded as "Best song of the year" in M-countdown in 2014.
Still remembered that I watch live through HyppTV Channel 601, Mnet.
And I shout and break into tears even in front of TV 
just because he finally get that award using his solo singing song.

Sorry Youngbae Oppa.
I'm sorry for couldn't support your concert even you're breathing the same air as me now in Malaysia.

Have a pleasant and safe trip,
I hope I could at least watch your concert again at other place when the right time come.

Typing my blog post and repeating his song,
how pathetic is it!
Mentally collapse and 
I'm just,

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