Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm back

For being deactivate from my lovely blog.
My bad.

Well it has been a month.
The favourite month of mine just flow that fast.
My Birthday, Chinese New Year Celebration, Sick, Assignment etc.

Been searching for the answer,
I'm lost again.

And I'm back to just share my thought and my feeling,
after inspire and questioning myself for times that what did I lost and what make me lost.

Pull me back to my track and develop a new me.
Well, let's just work hard for that and stay possitive.

I believe, there's always a beauty queen and fashionista in every girls.

I'm one of them too,
it is always in me, but I hide in deep in me.
Due to my low self-esteem because of my chubby body.
Yeah admit it, I'm chubby.

But from now on,
I don't want to be like the previous me that only pins like thousands of great photo in P-interest,
but doing nothing in reality life.
This is just not me!

After collecting thousands of style photo by others,
from now on I want to upload a pin that is me in fashion way.

3 steps to keep myself positive and confident to style up :

1  Work out!

I'd subscribe and re-pins really a lot of how people usually work out in simple way, either in English article, Chinese article, Youtube videos, random post and more.

It's time for me to do it, not just reading, having that knowledge but not doing anything.

This is the best effective way to keep me up and confidently stand out for myself and love my body, always be proud of what I'm given and work hard for shape that I dream for!

2Clean food!

A year ago, I always make meals for myself in totally clean and healthy way. I do look slightly smaller in size, but it still ends up back to normal body size due to my not continuous mentally set in my own.

Nothing could stop me even my living area always lack of water supply, that shouldn't be an obstacle to stop me from eating clean, go for what I dream for and maintain it.

I found out that there are also website which offer healthy food delivery or juice delivery. Anything! as long as it can keep me clean and healthy.

3 Dress up confidently!

I have lists of really what I want to wear and my most preferable outfits. I have lots of image of me wearing outfits that I adore.

But for the reality me,
Tees and short either legging always being put on me.
Just to looking good for hiding my chubby fats or to make me leg looks longer, taller and slimmer.

There's a bad way to ignore my weakness and stay in my comfort zone. This is not what I want for!
Kick it out, and change!

I want to be fabulous and confident!

Well, that's all.
Thanks for those who laughing on me, teasing me.
This is where my resolutions of 2015 of my dream body come from!

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