Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I miss that moment, and want to always be happy as that moment.
Huggie from Cookie Monster, my favourite one from sesame street.

Today is Feb 2, 2015.
Also what Chinese people call as "立春日" (Li Chun Re),
it means beginning of the spring.

Anything happen in today would reflect the whole year,
so people are encourage to speak good words, do the good things especially save up money

They even have a interesting way and timetable for people born in different year for the best time,
to save their money in bank. How cute.

Another reason that I like Chinese traditional season,
the main thing is the message hidden behind.
Not really that follow blindly without truly understand what happen behind or brought off.

Like this "Beginning of the Spring",
it remind us and as a guide line for not only Chinese but those who feel like following.

It's all about doing good stuff all the times, saying good words whenever you're.
Not be forgotten, to save more money in your bank so that you'll have that saving habit.
It's awesome and very meaningful doesn't it?

I just love the meaning spread to.

Just be happy and positive all the times,
always think of those precious moment that you smile a lot and feel happy.


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