Saturday, February 7, 2015

Not a rich kid

Not a rich kid,
that's why always hard really hard to achieve what I want it to be.

Just another discipline and habits I want myself to maintain,
blog every day when there's available doesn't matter how tired or how late is it.
That's why I'm late for blog post before 12am.

There are sure things that we feel thankful or something different that we want to remember,
and always being thankful and appreciate for anything that you get.
This is how I feel it through my daily life.
Never fail to smile like a kids to be in their way in appreciating.

Thanks for everything that life bring to me,
I'm blessed and really glad that I made a choice earlier that really help the present me.

For very first time,
out of the blue I'd receive text out of the blue about urgent need for employees for event yesterday.
And that's is how I get my consider first promoter job through agent in my life.
I'm glad that they come for me and everything's cool and great.
I just like it the way they are.

Everyone around me is my lucky star,
bringing positive force and awesome elements to me.

I'm helping Beacon Hospital as their staff in explaining BMI & health package.
It is customize for only ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad employees,
that's why they are having booth in their company.

Thanks for their guide, I'm really familiar like super familiar with the BMI diagram.
Once again thanks to Beacon Hospital for their great job.

I'm proud of myself that although this is the first time for me receiving event like this,
I feel one step closer than my dream for achieving my goals.
At least I try my best as beginning step and really go after it.

Tea break (yummy street burger) and transportation back from office place,
Thanks for Wailuen, my first know collogue manager;
he got that for me and another new know collogue as well.
He is so kind and really friendly,
also willing to teach us and guide us more.
He's gentlemen to sending us back to destinations.
Really have a fun and great time working and spending with him,

Too bad I didn't manage to have photo of all these,
but really wish to work again and again with them. Just great!

achieve your goal by your own effort always the best feeling ever!
Just go after it by reality useful ways does really help.

Something going to be real for the new improvement of me!
Ciao! :)

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