Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hang out with Kyrene, my babe!

It had been quiet sometimes after the last hang out with my babe,

My ballet soul-mate, my baby.

It's just a simple hang out with her,
non stop talking and laughing all the time.
Talk about life, family, friends just everything.

We are used to each other way and feel totally fun and comfy to be together,
we're like sister, weirdo, just random human beings on the earth.

We share our drinks together, spend each other;
We even have like totally same thought and same fashion sense & style!
It was just amazing and we can totally get what each other means even without words.

I really really miss to get these moment with someone who understand each other and share similar thought and language.
I want someone that we can totally feel each other.

There's no one beside her. 

I'm very lucky when I'm with her,
or I should say we both are lucky when we're together.
Try to look for this parking lot and you'll know how lucky we are.
We're like cursing others rude driver,law breaker driver or impatient driver,
Like why people get the nice parking and we still like looking around.
And suddenly tadaaa!
The perfect parking for both of us young lady to park just beside the entrance.

We have the same idea of lunch choice after we shop around in Sunway Pyramid,
Awwww, this is great.

We went to Asian Avenue and walk around for place we feel like go in and get our lunch.
And, we stoped at the "MyeongDong Topokki".
They have like set lunch including side dishes, green tea, and main dishes.

(Cheese Ramyun) - RM 14.80

 (Bulgogi Chicken Deopbap) - RM 13.80

The happy girl, Kyrene. 

Continue shop around after lunch.
Well, it had been years for me to visit Sunway Pyramid again.
But I like this place.
A lot of awesome stuff and my wishlist cafe around, ohmygod.

#tsumtsum game in the house! 

I wish to get them all, especially the Olaf one, ohmygodddd.

There's another unique store like everything inside is awesome.
The important part is, there are all made in Malaysia.
Malaysian product.
Proud of it man!

I love this store! 
Everything inside was amazing and unique.
You can't get it from outside.
Perfect place to get present for someone.

I love Coffee Bean. 
Local supporter and big fans of Coffee Bean.
I wish there's one nearby my housing area, I'll definitely become their VVIP. lol

Get myself a hot hazelnut and hot dark chocolate for Kyrene.
It was good and more better in price compare to Starbucks. oppsss..

I'm so happy that I could spend my precious time with her,
well love should be spread by actions not words.

Also, I completed 2 of my wishlist to get shoe and ripped jeans.

We end it with our lovely photos!

 PEACE :) !

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