Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another date with Kyrene

Thanks to the bright sun light and we're totally fair!

Feel like I can't leave this young lady out,
I really spend most of my times with her.

Just another simple sister-babe be like dating with her.
In Kuala Lumpur malls area in Bukit Bintang.
We have non-stop conversations and talks to speak and tell each other.

That's why times is like never enough for us to spend with.

And before I end my degree semester 2 holiday break,
this is how I would like it to be remembered.
I'm with her.

Well, feel so so so much better to talk and share my feeling with her.
I'd a bad dream last night that kind of like reflect of my problem and issue at the day time.
I'm trap in problem that not suppose to be a problem,
but I'm stuck.

Feeling much better and way better after sharing with her.
That's why she's my soul-mate for life.

We get stuff we're looking for, in our way.
And we get to like spend and talk heart between us.
Just appreciate that I have her with me.

Manage to spend her the hot chocolate drink that I always want to bring her too,
maybe this time couldn't reach to Mont Kiara.
So I get her at Bukit Bintang area.

Coffee Stain by Joseph, Farenheit 88.

Things are still very lovely over here.
That was great! Love it

Choose a 3D Hot Chocolate (Cat), since my babe love cat more.

Look at that happy lady,
glad she really really love that!

How to post or took photo like an instagramer / mainstreamer?
Well, here's the prove of how.
 Flower, shades, chocolate & wooden table. lol

Weirdo being weird.
Nahhh we just be like how we are, not try to please the other.

Like #wefie with the golden goat? Hhmmm..


Swag back she said.

The last thing,
must do weirdo inside the car #SS (syok sendiri) #wefie

Thanks to her,
I do get great idea and share of how do develop my blog.
My goal is to inspire people.

Wish me luck ! :)

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