Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Appreciate every moment that you spend with any random person.
This might be the first and the last time people "cross connection" and carry on their life as usual.
You will never know when is the next time perhaps the last chance you able to come to the opportunity by meeting someone like that particular person in your life.

No one will be 'always' there,
although they might be the pretty simple things that we use to have them in our life,
and we tends to thought that they will never leave.
Individuals have their own lifestyle and own path to go,
there's always time that they leave for their future,
chase after what they want.

My four years of university college life going to end very soon,
as a Bachelor Degree of Tourism Management student.

Life goes on,
but in different direction, or might be meeting new peoples an living in totally different lifestyle.

Deep in my heart,
I appreciate and miss everything madly after I graduate and entering into the next level of my life.
Hope to hold and pause everything and everyone to be there,
stay where as they use to.
That is, impossible.

really glad and thankful that I'm surrounded by beautiful angels that guide me.
I wish to stay in the memory where all of us are still together,
well, let's look forward and never lose contact.



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